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TiFfAnY (tiff87) wrote,
@ 2004-10-13 08:13:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:Ciara-goodies

    yeah today was boring as fuck i went to school and that was as Hell but hey u kno i gotta get used to it cause i wil be in school fer a couple of more years ...when i got home from school i got on tha computer and did mi Geography report that took me about 2 1/2 hours cause i got it done then tha f'in power went out in mi house so i had to restart mi whole fuckin report cause i didnt have it saved wow that pissed tha fuck outta me to no end cause ive had a shity day as it is...well ne ways wheni was done with mi report ummm Bobbie Stewart called me and i talked to her fer a while Bobbie we r guna have sum FUCKIN FUN ..Hell Yeah gurl...but ne ways i just found out that i have to have surgery one mi knee cause i went to tumbling in johnstown(turners) and i tore mi MinIskis and mi acl , so i have fuckin fluid in mi knee and it hurts like a bitch , so i gotta go fer a M.R.I and they'll do the surgery thing and put screws in mi knee...Oh well i dont wana get it done but i have to b4 it gets ne worse...well now me n Bobbue Stewart are talking alot now.. so we'll be hangin out alot ...Roy hope u ate lotz wings tonight lol (wing night)...well i am guna go cause i am guan finsh mi bumb*fuckin homework then guna make sum fone Calls(hummm i wonder who im guna call haha the normal person :) so ill talk to all of yall tomarrow er lata tonight if ya need ne thing gimme a call on mi cell 1~412~289~6142 and leave me a message and ill call u back..........Luv Ya
    *********T i f f a n y * L a u r a i n e * B e i l c h i c k*******

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