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Kansai Muriel [back] in MICHIGAN [again] (tiedye765) wrote,
@ 2005-07-26 14:39:00
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    Current mood: giggly
    Current music:The Beta Band - Space

    Sae Chingu!
    Today after class I hung out with 2 totally cool girls!

    -Kim Mihyun
    -Han Boyeon

    i met mihyun last saturday after the DMZ tour, at the chicken place we ate at, she's a really neat person. she speaks fluent english, as far as i can tell fluent japanese [she's taking the proficiency test soon] and obviously fluent korean...she's amazing. she also works for PR agency near Gwanghwamun station on the pink line 5.

    so today she brought along her friend boyeon. they are co workers. boyeon speaks pretty good english too, she's so nice! im so glad i met them.

    we had fun together...we met at gwanghwamun station and then took a bus to gangnam. there we had dinner, it was like a hot pot food. i wanted the ham&kimchi one...came with noodles in there...and then rice and other side dishes. it was so tasty!

    then we walked around and briefly went shopping, then we took PuriKura...also known in korean as "stiker sajin" i think...hehe...then we went to RED MANGO!! which has the best yogurt, and yogurt with ice flakes which is known as "bing soo" tasty!!! we did that and by then it was like we decided its time to go back home! so we left....i took the subway back to sinchon, green line stop number 240 and then the bus #7736 back to the dorm 'kisooksa' in korean hehe...talked with jessica...made it up to my room, eventually took a shower and now talking to my namjachingu...anyway...this has been a fun day, im glad i met some nice girls like Mihyun and Boyeon.

    nihon countdown: 16 days

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