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LaviaLo (ticklemelavia) wrote,
@ 2004-02-14 19:12:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:Rock Wit U--Alicia Keys

    Will you be my Valentine?
    I just read someone's away message and I LOVE IT!! It said, "Happy Singles Awareness Day".....That puts a smile on my face!! Valentine's day sucks being single! I mean, you see couples being all cute and so you turn away to see that no one has yet to give you a simple card. But that is where family comes in i guess. My dad gave me candy, a card, and a little booty angel with a heart arrow through its head. How cute is that! And my sister got me a card and a bear! Whenever i just wanna remain calling her a selfish bitch.....she comes along with something nice! But yeah, I'm not really as depressed as i may sound towards today! Except that the plans i had fell through due to illness!!! Damn flu!! YOUR TIME WILL COME!!! And yeah, maybe some of us single folk will find something to do. I suggest inventing my gallon of layered ice cream and eat it all!!!! Ya with me?

    As for the sum up of my day. Woke up, went to speech, now i'm home waiting for tonight's plans to form!! So as i just heard, "Happy Singles Awareness Day"

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