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a stupid girl (thursday_child) wrote,
@ 2003-08-18 10:27:00
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    Current mood: enthralled
    Current music:"Our Lady Of Sorrows"- My Chemical Romance

    Starting time: 10:27 am

    Full name: Shilpa Samantha Ramesh

    Age: 14
    Sex: Female

    Birthday: January 15th 1989

    Name three bad habits you have:

    1) unorganized
    2) I say um and like a lot when I’m nervous.
    3) I love critiquing everyone’s work to the max.

    Name four scents you love:

    1) fresh laundry
    2) clean guys
    3) roses
    4) clean guys wearing fresh laudry and carrying roses (or just a rose) pour moi (that’s gotta be my favorite)

    Name four animals you like:

    1) dove
    2) tiger
    3) peacock
    4) bunny

    Name four television shows you love:

    1) Invader Zim
    2) Boy Meets World
    3) Daria
    4) Powerpuff Girls

    Name four bands/groups you like that most people don't know you like:

    1) Thursday
    2) The Juliana Theory
    3) Cursive
    4) Saves the day

    Name four drinks you regularly drink:

    1) water
    2) frappucinos
    3) coke
    4) milkshake

    Name four random facts about yourself:

    1) I wear contacts.
    2) I’m indian
    3) I always wanted an older brother
    4) My favorite color of nail polish is black

    Name four random facts about your family:

    1) I have one sister name Bina
    2) I have a mother and a father
    3) We’re a typical Indian family
    4) We have issues

    Have you ever...

    1) Fallen for your best friend? Yea…
    2) Made out with JUST a friend? Oui
    3) Been rejected? Yea…
    4) Been in lust? Lol, that phrase sounded so funny, perhaps.
    5) Used someone? Not that I remember
    6) Ever been used? Perhaps.
    7) Cheated? never.
    8) Been cheated on? Perhaps. I don’t think so though
    9) Done something you regret? Who hasn’t?
    10) Can you list a few of them? emo music, tomboy-ish ness, rebellion

    Who was the last person...

    1) You touched? My sister
    2) You talked to? Some guy that came to our house named Ramesh
    3) You hugged? Sergio
    4) You instant messaged? Mary Ann
    5) You kissed? Prolly Sergio as I don’t think I kissed anyone after that
    6) You yelled at? My mom
    7) You laughed with? Himanshu
    8) You had a crush on? Um my boyfriend himanshu

    Do you..?

    1) Color your hair? no
    2) Have tattoos? No
    3) Have Piercing(s)? ears (and getting nose)
    4) Have a boy/girl friend? yes, Himmy ♥♥♥
    5) Floss daily? Um no
    6) Like to groove to the music? Only groovable music
    7) Think you are cultured? What?
    8) Like to drive fast? Seeing as I cant drive I wouldn’t know
    9) Believe in God or Devil? Well I believe in GODS but not the devil… (there’ s no devil per say, in Hinduism)
    10) Believe in The Closet Monster? It tried to eat me once.

    Miscellaneous Questions

    1) What should you be doing right now? Taking notes on 1984
    2) What are you listening to? Nothing.
    3) Can you do anything freaky with your body? I used to be able to put my foot behind my head, dunno if I can anymore, it’d be awesome if I could ;) it’d be KINKY! Lol.
    4) Chicken or fish? neither
    5) Favorite Season? Autumns
    6) Is ice cream the best thing in the world? Nah… love is…
    7) What would your dream date be? It wouldn’t matter what the date was but rather WHO the date was that’s more important.
    8) Single flower or a dozen? Single flower
    9) Silver, gold or platinum? Silver.
    10) Candle lit dinner in a restaurant or at home? at home
    11) Roses or wild flowers? Rose (singular rose)
    12) Silly or serious romance? Well, a lil of both

    16) What CD is in your CD player right now? “Stay What You Are"- Saves the Day
    17) Who was your favourite Spice Girl? Baby Spice
    18) Favorite Disney Characters? Then it was prolly Aladdin and Jasmine, now it’s prolly the Cheshire Cat or the March Hare or The Queen of Hearts or the caterpillar.
    19) Favorite fast food? Yo quiero Taco Bell.
    20) Favorite book? The Amber Spyglass- Philip Pullman
    21) Favorite Sports teams? Phili Eagles (although sports are extremely pointless and overrated)
    22) Favorite song? “Favorite Star”- Rival Schools
    23) What room is your computer in? this one is in my sister’s bedroom
    24) What is your shoe size? 6-7 (yes I have tiny feet okay SERGIO! I’m so glad I’m not a guy or else I’d so have the world’s smallest penis)
    25) Happy or Scary movies? Happy.
    26) What will you be when you grow up? A doctor hopefully
    27) Who do you consider your best friend? More than one.
    28) Who will respond the quickest? I dunno
    29) One nice thing about the one who sent this: I got it from Steff’s DJ she’s very sweet and kind.
    30) Finishing Time: ? my clock is broked

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