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ThruBluEyez (thrublueyez) wrote,
@ 2005-02-04 23:02:00
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    Current mood: pleased
    Current music:Confessions Part II - Usher

    When it all comes down to it, its the realtionships and experiences that make university the life experience that it is, not the classes. So, today gets 5 stars for experiences. It was one of them days that everything went OK...I had a great chat with Lindsay after class and Ahmad, Jubran, Fred...and everyone else joined us in the cafeteria. We had fun chatting...looked at some pictures Ray was good. For a long time I wasnt sure how to relate to her, but the last few days we have been chatting more and today we actually started to get along well. She takes some getting use to but she seems like she is sweet when you get to know her. We went to play some pool. It was a show down of male honour that was on the line between Ahmad and Shadi. I will never understand guys and their need to be the best and to defent their honour or pride...and Arab guys are even more confusing for me. I played against Ahmad after he lost to Shadi, but I lost. Not a surprise since he is good, but the tables are old and the ques are bad so i think we would have had a better game somwhere else. The second game I won but he wasnt trying for most of it, he was just joking and not making serious shots. I did win a game against Shadi, just by luck Im sure. It was the first time I actually talked to Shadi, he seemed like a good guy. It was nice, just to hang out and laugh and play some pool. Sometimes being the only non-arab in the group it tends to feel odd, but today was different, I felt like I was exactly where I was suppse to be. Maybe im just becoming more comfortable because I am getting to know the otheres better. Jubran I believe is mad at me...again. He was distant when Ahmad was gone to pray and he wanted to leave. I was suppose to go to the games lounge with him but I stated talking to Fred and then when I did go he was gone. He passed us later and he wouldnt even come talk to us...he ignored our waves and went to the bus stop. I wish he didnt act like that, I like when we can talk. Ahmad and I got Amy birthday cards...I just finished wrapping her present a little while ago and will send it tomorrow. I still need to get ready to go out, not sure yet what Im doing but whatever it is I need to get ready so I will write more later.

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