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ThnxsToULifeSux (thnxstoulifesux) wrote,
@ 2003-11-07 17:59:00
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    Current mood: crappy
    Current music:Hatebreed~tear it down

    update kids.....i'm back, for now-_O
    jeez it's been like a month or so since i've updated, it's cuz i've been all on like suspension from the computer for failing french and really blows, and it's making me all wierd and shit, and sad....until i get to talk to mandi than it's like booyah...yay!!...heh. ummmm schools been kinda gay, same old same old, stupid people stupid classes and stupid homework.....last saturday was my b-day, i got like 135 bucks from it and now i have 185 bucks, oh yea, it's tight, also my moms boyfriend bought me a pair of pants, i told him no but he insisted, he's kewl, his name is scott and he's 51 and short, lol but he's uber kewl. wat else, nothin really, oh on halloween, i went to this whack ass party with natalie rachel carmen and kari....and god damn did that night ever get fucked up....i wont go into detail, let's just say some1 got really drunk and was cryin stuper bad and all that stuff and we helped her through it and was hectic....i'm thinkin of changin my layout a little, but i'm not sure...well enjoy the update, oh btw this past week besides the other shit has suxed cuz luike i haven't been able to talk to mandi at all:'( and i love her lots, hopefully i can talk to her tonight.....well i'll get goin, got any comments let me know....peace out

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