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April (thisbitchisback) wrote,
@ 2003-04-23 19:29:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:SEAN PAUL........Get Busy

    the hell i have gone thru.......OH GOD! haha i over it
    This is gonna be deal with me. lets go way bak to the beginning of my senior year......there was this guy (jon)
    he was the guy that i was friends with and thought was so annoying and me and him would make fun of each other in class.
    well somehow i feel for him this year. my friend ( soul sista!) worked with him and so one day she just decided to ask him who hes going to homecoming know getting info for me)
    well hes like "Why you wanna go with me?" "No im just asking making conversation" "does april wanna go wit me?" "i didnt say that" (this kinda gives it away) "suuure"
    so then i decided to ask him an he said yes......we went had fun.....and then we kept talking a bit. one night while on the phone he asked me why i liked him and i told him and then i asked him
    "am i wasting my time" he responded " i dont think your wasting your time. if you were wasting your time i wouldnt be on the phone with you right now" so yeah i felt nice :) smile on my face then
    he stood me up a couple of imes so im like forget this before i get in tooo deep you i moved on...started liking a friend of mine for some reason (Kiel) we hung out before and went to club....we had friends who were friends and
    so we hung out anyways.

    so then he and i kissed. (me and jon never kissed before kiel) so i was moving on.....but i still had jon on my mind at some points to make some matters worse....KIEL AND JON WERE BECOMING FRIENDS since they were both on the versity boys basketball
    team. they started talking and stuff. and plus im on the dance team so i was at every game. WONDERFUL! so time went on kiel didnt want a girlfriend....which i was fine with....but the thing is he kinda turned that to friends with benefits......which confused me cuz of the way he acted all the time.

    so me and kiel ended up doing stuff.....i dont kiss and tell hehehe......well it finally ended in february...i said im thru with him plus i asked him to prom and he said maybe and kept me waiting til like 2 weeks before prom. so i said forget it because i heard through some friends he wanted to ask
    some other girls and i was basically the "back-up". so i said forget that shit. so then i was by myself for a while....then one night........

    Jon calls Kiels cell and talks to everyone that was around (we were at a lil party) an he basically invited me over to visit him and ends up kissing me ( i didnt tell anyone where iw as gong except my best friend) he also tells me he stilll likes me and has since homecoming. he explains what all happened with "us" and tells me his reasons for standing me up or for somethings i heard he said or just things i needed to know.
    well kiel finds out and calls me a "homie hopper" i could care less and shit but the question on my mind is "why does he care" some of my friends say he still likes me....he could but its not gonna help him since he lost his chance. 3 strikes and hes out! plus he said shit about FORGET HIM!

    so im here now.....wondering what to do ....1 month left of school and im moving in like 3 months. im thinking just have fun and just go day to day. play it by usual haha.

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