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*~*MJ*~* (thinisperfect) wrote,
@ 2003-10-21 10:39:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:Green day "To know you is to Love you

    Good Morning
    Well its not really good morning cuz I really didnt sleep that much..I got like 3 hrs of sleep last night and it wasnt until morning that i got it b/c i was too scared to fall asleep b/c i couldnt breath right all night ..i think im going to the doctors today hopefully b/c i can barely take breaths even after using the Nebulizer with stuff in it thats suppose to help you for 6 i have to go..or ele no sleep for me until i do...Keith stayed on the phone with me for awhile last night until he was really tired whihc was like at 3:00 thast pretty cool he was talking bout some werid like a ring of fire im like eh...alrighty there captain...

    I hung out at caspers house last night..He picked me up at like 4:30 and i stayed there till like damn long time..I helped him put up shelves in his closet...we went to his dads house and bured some cd's meanwhile him having the OBLIGATION to show me a deer hanging from a tree gutted open..thought i was gonna puke on we went and ate at his house and then just chilled around and then we made his bed...and then watched some TV till around 10:20 and then he drove me home..He lives like 2 minutes from my house so it doesnt really matter what time i leave there cuz he drives like a mad man anyway so i'll get home no matter what on
    He still wants to meet my crazy family for some like what is wrong with you that u wann meet my family..are you on drugs??lol..They arent like NONE of them are like me....Im my own unique thing..

    But he is suppose to call me after work today around 3:30 and then hang out but hopefully i'll still be able to hang out if i have a doctors appt..maybe lauren will pick me up if hes gone already to Jose's...

    Well gotta go...
    Love and Fantasies

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