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*~*MJ*~* (thinisperfect) wrote,
@ 2003-10-19 22:59:00
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    Hey whus up..well i hung out with casper today..and we "chilled" so funny..Hes like Caps..why why am i so addicted to like i have no we both decided how much we hate missing each other and he told me how he almost slept with kristin like 2 weeks ago..i was like eh..but i didnt get mad which is awesome on my part.....I wish that we could just do whtever ...and hes like Im in a camero in the snow just SLIDING caps..and i hate if iw as in a truck i could just stop Im u drive a truck?..and he hit me with the pillow..lmao..I missed him alot..more then i really wanted to..Its so confusing..when u have a guy who u have loved for 5 years of ur life finally wanting to be with you ...and loving you...nd then u have casper who u know u probably will never be with...but want to deep inside so u hide ur feelings*which he says i do very damn well*...So he wants me to go to syracuse with him this weekend to get a feel of it for halloween weekend..cuz his brother Apuso is throwing a party up there and so i told him i'd go with him.. just wish that i could be with him sometimes..but other times im glad im not..but i still get jealous ....and i dont knw why i even bother too..cuz its none of my we both said whether we sleep with other ppl or not..but we both dont like the idea of it....*pouts* just hope he never fucks what we have up..Hes like ya know i was gonna but then i thought Kristin..whos chubby and ok sex...andthen caps whos slammin..tits, body..personality..and INSANE sex....and relized i was like OoO dear lets stop talking bout this

    My birthday is realll soon im so excited..hehe...He wants to take me to dinner..and i just wanna go shopping and get my tongue done..FINALLY..I wanna buy some new cute clotehs even though its winter..i'll get a warm cute jacket..hehe..YAY


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