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CassieLynne (thingshappen78) wrote,
@ 2004-12-27 14:23:00
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    this was definitely the best christmas yet. especially since kylie and ben were here for it. i got a ton of cute clothes, new perfume, the much needed bras, underwear, etc., a few cute cd's, a new purse, a whole bunch of cute things from american eagle, and i can't remember what else.

    ben, kylie, and their family got me these really cute pajamas that say, hello my name is lovebug, hello my name is cutie pie, and etc. they are ADORABLE.

    rick got me these really cute earrings and a cute sweater that he brang over saturday night.

    at around 1 i went over to noah's and we exchanged gifts. he loved my presents. i was so excited. he got me this adorable necklace, and some pj pants i was telling him about from this cute little store. and then he got me perfume, and some new make up, and a whole bunch of cute hair things<3. he wrote me this reallyyy long note too. but told me not to read it until i got home. i almost cried when i read it. it was amazingly cute. i love you noah. thanks for everything baby. i don't know what i'd ever do without you. you mean the world and more to me, and i'm never letting you go<3.

    last night i went to poker night at chase's with everyone. but us girls got bored so we went in the other room. i was helping kyle win by giving him all these extra chips till noah yelled at me. hahaha. so then me, kelly, jasmine, lex, hannah, and mel watched elf in the living room. so finally when the boys were done arguing/playing everyone left. i wnet back to noah's and we layed around. then i came back here.

    tonight me and chantal are going over to the mall to do some serious after-christmas shopping

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