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Jason of the Fanmonkeys (theycallmejason) wrote,
@ 2003-05-14 16:20:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Taking Back Sunday - Cut From the Team

    Peer Pressure
    Due to some intense peer pressure from my fellow fanmonkey marc, i too have decided to start a journal... i have no idea why marc would want me to write a journal, cuz my life isn't all that interesting. But starting a journal may be good because according to colin "i'm not open enough".
    Last weekend wasn't very event full.. kinda hard when jeremy never wants to do anything.. i know i don't have to do everything with him but its hard to convince your parents to let you do something when jeremy doesn't want to do anything. but i did get to see x-2 on friday, great movie.. i recommend it. good to get away from ehs and hang out with my friends from dp, cuz edgewater sucks.
    Well anywho.. like i said edgewater sucks, while it is slowly getting better it still sucks. People there think good charlotte is a good band.. enough said. i don't have a great amount of friends over at ehs, despite losing well over half my friends when "i"(jeremy and my parents) decided to go to ehs and not dp, i still have more friends over at dp. i have a few friends, but no one that i'm really good friends with which isn't very good. but i can't leave the school because it is a better education for me and i like the program and i may be able to get a job over the summer because of CADD which i can't take at anyother school. thank god summer is less then two weeks away.

    p.s. capatillers and see-saws comes out on a tuesday

    have a nice day

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