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Jason of the Fanmonkeys (theycallmejason) wrote,
@ 2003-06-24 19:56:00
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    Current mood: sore
    Current music:Rufio - MCMLXXXV (cd)

    i need both my left and right shoe
    the past week has been pretty damn fun, a lot of scotter, which is officially the greatest game of all time.. but that can be expected when it was created by the fanmonkeys. marc has just been wandering over after school, and we just sorta chill and get annoyed by thomas. i've been getting more and more annoyed with thomas because he is always around whenever i have someone at my house.. and then he'll call my parents to tell them that we did something that we weren't supposed to do. if i say something to my dad about it he'll eat me and then go after marc.. because everyone knows my dad loves thomas.. the dog.. and now the pool table more than me. it really sucks because whenever i ask someone to come over to my house usually the first question is "is thomas there".. you konw you have a problem then. ohh well when i'm 30 i'll just call my mom's house.. to speak to thomas.. and then i'll laugh(and my dad will eat me again). but today and yesterday were both good days cuz i got to get away from thomas.. marc came over for a little bit.. then we went to the movies. saw the hulk.. that was a pretty good movies, i probalby wouldnt' go see it again though. then i went and crashed at jordan's house with colin and robbie. we went tubing today, that was some hardcore shit. however tubing will never be the same after the air colin and i got.

    i got the rufio cd yesterday.. yeah rufio's insturmentals suck.. just like weezer isn't emo

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