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I HATE MARISSA (thevonbondies) wrote,
@ 2004-02-29 08:55:00
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    Current mood:tired
    Current music:The Von Bondies-C'mon C'mon

    it's fucking way too early but i got up anyway to go to fucking church nd now we aren't even going!! that makes me pissed and way whats new i'm learning guitar and my friend (marissa) just spend the night and we had fun we looked at hot guys on hot or not because we have no lives we were supposed to go to an adult party were there are alot of drunks and she wanted to get wasted and have a buzz but we weren't allowed to go and like yesterday morning the people that threw the party her daughter wasn't home so she told me if she gets home give her this key to open the house and my mind thought of only one thin beer.........but sadly to say we did not go even no every one in my neighborhood is either an alcholic or a druggie they wouldn't care the other side the rich side would notice any way (we have a coldasack or however you spell it) oh yeah we also called a sex line (1800-353-chat) lol this guy was like cumming over the phone me being me i was freaked out but marissa was like getting pleasure from okwhat else happened i went to a pawn shop and pawned like 40 cd's and got 21 fucking dollars! that made me mad as hell! so i have to go to a different shop and go pawn the rest of the cd's. if you haven't noticed i get really pissed easily well i guess thats about it ttfn

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