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it's not you, it's me (thevision9) wrote,
@ 2003-06-04 21:29:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:"If It Were Up To Me", Rooney

    You heard it from me.
    Hi people,
    I havent updated ina while because i didnt have enough time and/or didnt want to take the time to do it. When I go to Europe (and I just got my itinerary and it sooooo cool!) I'm going to be on buses/coaches and a plane for quite a long time. I need to survive the boredom. I will need to buy some cds to take a long with me. First I will need to get one of those (rather expensive) book cd cases. Those hold so many and I am begining to fill up. Once I get that, I have some shopping to do.

    1. Rooney, Rooney
    2. Thursday, Full Collapse
    3. Seldom, Romance
    4. Kind of Like Spitting, Bridges Worth Burning
    5. Hot Hot Heat, Make Up the Breakdown

    I obviously have much more, but just can't think right now. I will be so busy, but very excited.
    Oh! Guess what?! I just got a band shirt. My dad got it for me from Israel. He got me a The Doors t shirt. Isn't that delightful (hey, watch the language!). It is so cool, but it's sort of big. I'm going to put it in warm water in the wash and throw it in the dryer and see waht happens. I hope it shrinks at least a little bit! Anyway, it's cool.

    There's this band named Rooney and their cd just cmae out a while ago. They were out a little while before but they didn't have much publicity yet. I found out about them on the TV and magazines and (a little too suprising,jk) the internet. (What possibilities surfing the web has...). THis band has these cool songs and stuff. Also, the guy who is the frontman, Robert, is Jason Schwartzman's brother of Phantom Planet. It's really confusing though because Robert's last name used to be Schwartzman, but now it is Carmine. I told my dad and he said that he thought it might be because he didn't want to seem a tag along to his brother with the same name. I don't think I would ever want to change my name. I think it's just a stage name though, luckily. Why would you want to change your name?! Actually this Robert Schwartzman/Carmine guy was the guy who played Michael in the movie The Princess Diaries. He's so cute! I loooove his hair, and his music. They have all this retro pop and rock sound. Something that's not floating in the air much.
    I havent heard a lot of their music yet, except "Blueside" and "If It Were Up To Me" which are both good songs, but I still want to look into them and buy their album anyway.

    I don't know if I'm sick, but I might be allergic to something in the air. Oh no! This is going to ruin everything.

    Why does everyone quote band lyrics? It's weird but I like it, personally. I don't do it much because everyone else does it. There is this one lyric that I don't know what it says exactly from a band I like, Justincase, that sounds really cool. Wait a sec. let me find it...

    Here it is, from the song "Inside Your Mind",

    "...somewhere behind your silent eyes
    there's a story
    I swear that i can help you write
    the perfect ending..."

    I have to give them credit, because i don't want to get in trouble with the copyright laws. So, im getting kind of tired of typing/writing all this stuff if the only people who reads it is me and another person. Boy, I hope that list expands. Well, I guess I'm leaving.

    So long,

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