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Katie (thesweetfool) wrote,
@ 2003-11-24 20:54:00
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    Current mood: worried
    Current music:Lamya- I Get Cravings

    Nothing really happened today... Except that I FFAAAAAAAAAILLLLLLLEEEEED a math test.. BADLY failed... Is there a mathmatically possible way to make BELOW a zero on a test? If not yet, then name this one after me. But at any rate.. After school I went to Magan's house.. We went to the mall.. then we came here to my house and ate dinner. We then got onto the computer and talked to John and Gregg. (Seeing as how John is the main person that reads this, I don't know why I ever write John... I should just write You instead.) I took Magan back home, and voila! Here I am. I am still trying to decide who's house I am going to go to on Thanksgiving... A. My Aunt Doris' house (controversy over who's attending) or B. My sister's house (who is not going because of the controversy at my Aunt Doris' house). Either way, that will be the Lunch dinner... then I have to go to Decatur and eat dinner with my Aunt Lynda (who I LOOOOOOVEEEE, she's awesome). I think that Magan may go with me to her house, so she can meet my cousin Ben... heh. But anyways. That's about all that I have to say. I must do some Poe promoting... so.. go here Adios! XOXOX
    P.S. My puppy dog (well.. she's about 12 or 13) is in the hospital.. she has a virus in her pancreas and liver.. I hope she gets better :* (

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