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Jon (thespian15) wrote,
@ 2012-06-18 20:47:00
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    I called the doctor's secretary right away this morning at 8 am.
    Her response was, I can't connect you to the doctor, but I can leave him a message to call you. WTF???

    So I waited until 10 am before heading for bed. I figured now he will call as soon as I fall asleep.
    The doctor finally called me back about 3 pm.

    Good News: It was a benign cyst.

    Bad News: It was a some what rarer version that had something to do with the hair folickles that could cause it to grow back again. Also he read of one account where it caused a skin cancer. A slow growing type, so I shouldn't worry.

    Options: If I am really worried about it, I could come back in and have more skin/area cut out. Or I oculd let it go and come back in 9 months to a year and have things checked out again.

    I am choosing to go with the wait and see.
    So hopefully it would start growing again.

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