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Jon (thespian15) wrote,
@ 2012-03-19 19:20:00
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    Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE my F'ing car?
    I seriously need to find some money and get rid of this piece of crap.

    I just handed out about $220.00 on it today. And that was the good news.

    I took it in for an oil change, almost $40, and had them check on the tail pipe/exhaust system that will eventually need changing. He said the motor is going to have to be taken out to get at it and will cost $800.00 or more. Not sure if that is fixing things or just taking the motor out. Oh yeah, and said motor needs to be replaced too.

    Then I went to leave and tried to lower the driver's side window and it wouldn't go down. So I drove into Rochester's Firestone because that is where I just had the control panel for the windows replaced last Summer. They checked it over and window motor was out and that took out the control panel too. So an hour and a half to figure out the problem and another hour and a half to fix things.

    Thankfully I came back from Las Vegas with some cash and had some birthday money. It covered both bills except for about $40. Would have had it all covered, but I didn't cash the birthday checks I got too.

    Anybody need a piece of crap car?????

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