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Just call me Hazel Eye (thespaz) wrote,
@ 2003-03-27 16:43:00
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    Current mood: cynical
    Current music:Sweet Dreams

    What the hell was he thinking?!
    So like I almost got in an accident today, it was so scary :( We were driving as a team to the rock climbing place in Roseville and there's like 13-15 cars so of course we aren't possibly going to stay together, so the smart thing to do would be to give out directions, but Kirk's a fucktard and he won't have that. So I'm driving along on the highway and Kim's in front of me, somehow she loses the cars in front of her and I'm pretty much just following her and hoping she knows what's going on. Then all of a sudden I see her veer off to the right and so I do too, and then I see a whole line of cars, I'm still going pretty fast (I'd say over 50) she veers back onto the road because she doesn't have enough time to stop, so I have no where to go, if I'd gotten back on the road I would have hit Kim, and on my right there was the rest of the team, I slammed on my breaks and went skidding, so I'm skidding feeling like I'm not slowing at all and I see Rita's car so I swerved into the gravel/bushes, oh my GAWD I was so close to getting into an accident. Then a CHP officer drives up on his motorcycle and starts talking to Kirk, probably telling him what an idiot he is for stopping on the side of the phucking HIGHWAY!!!!!! Wow. Still no accidents for moi (not counting running into the boat in my own driveway)- but one close encounter. *thank you, thank you, thank you God*

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