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Just call me Hazel Eye (thespaz) wrote,
@ 2003-03-24 11:36:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:The Witch Doctor

    Well the weekend was a trip...a long trip. It didn't help that I didn't get any sleep Thursday night, I ended up going to bed around 1:30 and having to get up around 6:00 for my 7 am class, why did I do this to myself again? Eh so after I went to all my classes I went to my car to get my crap ready and waited for Rita to get there so we could go to get snacks, and guess who invites herself along, Cheryl :D Well I volunteered her to drive since there were no more parking spots in the athletic parking, thanks Cheryl ;) So we spent about 20 minutes at Target getting junk food and hurried back to the bus that was supposedly picking us at 12:00. So we drag all our stuff out to where the bus would usually be and waited, Kirk the idiot comes out after 12 and says "sorry ladies, the bus isn't coming till 2" WHAT?! Why the fuck did you wait till we got all our stuff out here to tell us! So we did nothing for the next two hours...such bullshit. So we finally got on the road around 2 and it was ok...we watched Bring it on...I danced...we sang...we fought...we ate at the Sizzler...and we finally arrived around 10:30. Since we had the best room ever (Rita, Meredith, Jess, Kim and moi) we were excited to get to our rooms. Once there we watched a little TV and chatted about how seriously phucked up our team is, we're always fighting, always yelling, etc- and of all people the captains are the ones that bicker the most, there are the root of all our problems. So we eventually went to bed around 1 and got our wake up call at 9, we just rolled out of bed and went downstairs (we were a pretty sight), after we had a little team meeting about how we gonna go over to the fields and go to the team BBQ we went back to our rooms and watched Ferris Bueller, the best part- the parade! That pumped me up. Then we finally went to the field and we felt absolutely ridiculous, all the teams that were there were involved in the BBQ ceremony and we were just...there. Kirk again is an idiot! So we had like two hours to waste before we played and decided to watch a game between Polomar and Napa- Kim had diliberated playing for Polomar so she was real excited about seeing them in action. As we watched them we saw how drastically different they were from us...they were a real TEAM. So we (all the girls on the team except for the idiot captains Christine, Ali, and Nicole) came up with Mission Pump-it-up which was the coined term for being a better teammate, slapping hands, saying good job, cheering people on etc. So here we are having just talked about mission pump it up and we go over by Ali, and Christine says someting about how the batters at the end of the batting order are usually weaker (which is somewhat true but that's universally known) and Ali says something like "I'm #9 and that's not true!! That really hurt my feelings" and Christine tries to explain herself and Ali just goes "No! That was really rude and I can't believe you said that...blah blah" and Rita turns to me and goes "Mission pump it up is a bust" and I just busted up laughing because this is how trivially our team is affected. Anyway that's just before we even played...I'm gonna take a break and finish this later.

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