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LiL LiL LAMB (thesilencekillz) wrote,
@ 2003-11-20 12:46:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:bette midler 'wind beneathe my wings'

    woo hoo for the 'gay bracelet crew'
    eep i havent been here for awile, ive been so out of touch with everything. for the longest time i thought me and jonathn were only friends when he was bored but things changed :). me, jon, alex & martin started our own lil 'gay bracelet crew' we were sitting here bonding like nothing else while they were playing with my beads then i noticed they had all made black bracelets then they made me one at one point martin commented that this was 'gay' so thats where it comes from. also they proved to me that im not some lame -o- that they hang out with when no one else will, for the past 2 weeks they have always been here and last night they even spent the night, granted we were all to stoned to even get up but they slept over. and now im extremly sad cause i might loose my lil buddy to the fuckin system. while he was over here his p.o serched his room cause he didnt go to school and now he might get locked up tommorow and i dont wanna loose him *tear*. last night i was having some wicked sex dreams about martin haha (shh) i feel guilty cause i do anything to prevent my friends from hookin up so im not stuck in some akward position and i wont do it to jon because i saw how mad he got with one lil sex comment. we were in the kitchen and martin asked me if i had any porn, i dont. but we got on the subject of the pam & tommy video which is by the way OVERATED! and martin asked if we could watch it together under a blanket with the duct tape (i have a fetish for duct tape and he knows it) and jon got pissed and was being a dick from then on out. all night last night we would wake up smoke a bowl and pass out it was so much fun! they finally left about 4 in the afternoon then came back at 4:45 and stayed till 8ish left for awile then alex & martin show up at 11:30pm talking about jons gettin some at the house and they didnt want to be there, dude the bitch he fucked is so nasty, she has been with each of them, well either they didnt have sex or jons a short cummer cause they both came up here and jon sat by me and his chik sat by martin and they were all over each other but whats sick is that jon had a tramp stamp (hickie) from her so something happend with them. thats sick. well im stoned so im goin to bed.

    xox lamb
    'we pray for peace with loaded guns."

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