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LiL LiL LAMB (thesilencekillz) wrote,
@ 2003-10-12 11:19:00
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    Current mood: disappointed
    Current music:baby bash ft. frankie jay 'suga suga'

    my birthday... woo
    woo woo i finally turned 18 yesterday, its cool but wierd. i had this lil lunch planned and i invited jamie + kids, jasmin, my brother,jonathan & anna (my cousin). ha! NO ONE showed up at all. my sister had to work so it was just me and my mom, jasmin called and asked if she could come over and hang out with me for awile if it would be okay if she left before cake and ice cream i said okay but it hurt a lil to much so i told her she didnt have to, a lil later she told me she was telling her boyfriend who she see's EVERYDAY that she was coming over and he said 'aww babe i got the day off it was gonna be about us' never mind the fact that she had plans with me for a week, whatever. anna called and said as a gift she was going to take me to knotts halloween haunt and that she was going to pick up the tickets after she came over and had lunch with us, did she show up? NO. i called her and she said she was out buying the tickets and she's pick me up about 7 she finally gets here at 7:30 after me covering for her cause she wasnt answering her moms phone calls i called her mom saying she left her phone at my house. well it later came out that she ate lunch with this dude michael that she see's EVERYDAY at his apt. instead of coming over here OUCH!. dude come on i got ditched on my birthday for guy's it seriously shows u how fucking much u mean to some people. my brother never showed up for god knows what reason. i kinda expected jon not to show up cause hes a teenage drunk and had a party to go to. jamie was about to come over but i told her it was already late and i was leaving soon so we changed those plans, she was the only one that WAS gonna show up. we got to knotts pretty late and went thru most of the mazes got a lil scared but not to much. the supreme scream seriously kicks ass that is the best ride EVER it took us an hour and a half to get on it but it was worth it we got on this shittiest version on the dragon swing and then left at 3:00 am i got home around 4ish took pills and crashed. yay!

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