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The Shady Bacon (theshadybacon) wrote,
@ 2004-02-01 10:12:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:Tie Up My Hands - Starsailor

    My belt slipped......seriously.......I swear....
    Yeah, so last night was just amazing. The day didnt look like it would be all that good in the beginning, but I had so much fun last night , it really made me feel great to have the friends that I have. Filming was cancelled on John's movie again, which got me agitated at first, but then I went and chilled with GB (after hitting up the comic shop and getting a SIGNED copy of Superman: The Man of Steel Volume 2!) and we channel surfed for a while and then Marc came and we watched some Curb Your Enthusiasm (genius show, and yes, I would be Larry David in that with some of the things that he does) and then Brew came. Marc headed up to Trumbull to get his bro and Sarah, and Brew went back to his house before we all went up to Milford. GB and I went to Borders for a few minutes and got some of the amazing Hot Chocolate which they sell. We made the trip up to Milford later than we wanted to, but we got to Friday's before Marc, because Marc went the wrong way on the highway, and then he made up for it by taking route 1 to Milford.....nice one Marc......

    So, like always, Fridays was a fun time and we had some scintillating conversations about the brutal death of baby seals and the forgotten middle daughter on the earlier seasons of "Family Matters" (the Winslows seemed to have lost their middle child.....yeah....Family Matters a whole lot to those people.....). That, and I once again came up with some funny things that I will say to/use against Chelle (she doesn't read this, so it doesnt matter if i announce it....haha....despite all appearances I consider Chelle to be one of my better friends). Of course we forgot to go to Krispy Kreme too, a fact which now CHAPS MY ASS (Shady Bacon's anger emphasis of the month).

    We proceeded back to Brewster's house (when in doubt, go to Brew's) and played an awesome game of monopoly. I saw awesome, because I was free on Gullberg's corner of despair and I always had more than enough money to pay off Sarah's avenue of torture....that and I had both Blue monopolies (the dark blue is great, and the light blue is the most under appreciated power monopoly) and I bought the red monopoly from Brewster and as building on it right when brewster slid into the board in a fit of rage after his demise in Lord of the Rings Monopoly. I don't know what it is, but I guess when it passes 11 o'clock cool stuff happens, because Marc and Brew made some comments about Sarah and 11 o'clock, and it all seemed to get more awesome after 11.

    All I'll say is that Brewster turned off all the lights in the basement a few times (a trick which usually is just boring) and somehow my pants fell off after the lights went out each time. Sarah has a bunch of pictures that make me look a lot more like an idiot than I have ever made myself look, so I should try to keep on her good side...... But it was fun, it was like a

    BIG AMERICAN PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I AM HAVING VERY GOOD TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And that's all there is to say.

    I like my new little Morph from Exiles icon, i find it very amusing, though I might switch to Deadpool, it's a tough call. For those of you in the know with comics give your two cents about which character I should make the icon, I found a bunch of them (all marvel), and for those of you not in the know with comics....GET IN IT!!! Comics are the most under appreciated form of entertainment that there is.

    So it has been some time since I have updated on here, as was brought to my attention by Greg. I'll try to change that (empty promise) because some people have complimented some of the stuff that I write, so I'll keep on trying. Marc has suggested that I actually start writing "Caught With Your Pants Down In A Cool Summer Breeze: The Unqauthorized Autobiography of Shady Bacon" and type it up in here, and I just may do that because it'd be like a little project that I could give myself to work on in an attempt to take away the never ending boredom that school now brings to me, gift wrapped in bad Canuel and Saracco test grades.

    My other projects for the remainder of my high school career are as follows:

    -Learn to sing and do well enough for good applause in Pirates of Penzance
    -Do well with the stuff I have been given for The Laramie Project
    -To read the entire run of James Robinson's comic book Starman, the best new comic I have started reading in an incredibly long time, and a title that I feel is on a transcnding level of appeal (ie-everyone will like it) equal to that of Ultimate Spider-Man.
    -To hopefully find a girlfriend
    -To get into NYU
    -To take off my pants on many more occasions

    I think I'm out for the day ladies and gents, I hope you all liked the entry and that you have a good time until the next one, ta ta

    --The Shady Bacon

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