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sylvie (therockgirl) wrote,
@ 2010-07-25 08:58:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:my computer making brrrrrtz noises trying to keep up with me

    let's try this one more time...
    Well kids, I'm back. This is like.. my fifth manifestation on this sit or something but whatever. This is the new me, as douchey as that sounds.

    Going to momma's house this afternoon to see the visiting Grandparents with my boyfriend and lil/big brother. See, my brother Aaron is technically younger but is way taller than me and has a tendency to tell me what to do... because of this I usually refer to him as my lil/big bro. Yep, that's how fucking clever i am...

    so anyways, the afternoon should no doubt be filled with awkard conversation and tension. I hope they have booze... maybe I should ask my mom about that... I wish she had a bocce set or something.

    And going over there isn't going to be the same as our oldest cat, the infamouse Foof, has passed on. it fucking sucks. that litl bugger was always ready to meet you at the door and be delightfully annoying. the vibe at mom's house sure has changed... at least she still has the little cat.

    it was my boyfriend Mike's birthday yesterday and we decided to keep it low key. We ordered Indian food (mmmmmmmmmmm curry) and bought an ice cream cake and just enjoyed each other's company all day ;) he says he had a good time and I hope he means it... i'm such a people pleaser that it feels like a big deal to me. well, off for a morning smoke.. until next time...

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