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I love Taryn (thermaltake) wrote,
@ 2004-03-21 22:09:00
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    Current mood:pissed off
    Current music:Random music

    Well its nice to hear some ppl had a good weekend. Mine sucked. Yea I know Im writing about my gay ass weekend but Taryn said she was gonna call at 10 cuz her phone died but she isn't calling and Im bored. Im not going to Taryns house cuz her mom said that I need a ride home if I go there. The only reason that she said that is she knows I can't get a ride home and therefor I won't be able to go over. Its just her way of limiting me and Taryn from spending time together and it works very well but Thursday I start drivers ed and my mom said I can drive with my permit as long as she doesn't change her mind Im all set and if she does then Im gonna see if she will drive down to pick me up and I'll drive back. My life sux big donkey nuts. Nothing goes my way. Knowing my luck my aunt will decide she doesn't want to go to the mall Saturday and I'll have another weekend of sitting home on my ass cuz I have no fuckin life. And what small portion that some ppl could call a life and I don't keeps getting worse and more compressed. It will eventually be full of my misery and anger and explode resulting in a deep depression that will take alot of time to come out of.

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