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I love Taryn (thermaltake) wrote,
@ 2004-02-24 17:02:00
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    Another Poem

    I Miss You

    I miss you kissing me
    I miss you playing with my nipples
    I miss you trying to tickle me
    I miss how ticklish you are
    I miss you cuddling with me
    I miss talking to you for hours on the phone
    I miss being with you after school
    I miss spending all my time with you
    I miss you biteing my neck
    I miss you kissing my neck
    I miss you putting your hands in my sweatshirt pocket
    I miss you holding onto my bag when we walk
    I miss having your arms around me
    I miss seeing your beautiful face
    I miss holding you in my arms
    I miss being able to be at your house
    I miss you riding the bus home with me
    I miss how your family actually liked me
    I miss the time before our lives got fucked up
    I miss watching you play UT2003
    I miss you sitting behind me while I play Raven Shield
    I miss everything that we can't do now
    Most of all......
    I miss you

    And NO! Me and Taryn didn't break up and we aren't fighting. I just miss her cuz I only get to see and talk to her at school.

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