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kayla-anne (theoryunbroken) wrote,
@ 2003-11-24 23:05:00
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    ...I am so tired! haha, this weekend was so great. On friday night I went to knoxivlle with Alex to see Red Winter Dying. I had a really good time and Alex played well(eventhough he doesnt think so) and then I went home and crawled in bed with Amber. Then on saturday morning we had a dance comp at Fulton high school. We did awesome; we came in first place out of all the dancers and cheerleaders, and we our score was high enough that they invited us to nationals in March! I hope we go, I think it will be awesome......but anyways, after the comp me and amber went shopping with her mama at west town. I got a shirt and amber got a lotta new clothes that I wanna borrow! lol...then on saturday night we went to the HOSPITAL/WAYSIDE concert and it was so freakin awesome!! and alex was there and so that made it even better! :). then on sunday I was sick and so that kinda sucked.....

    Then tonight I went to knoxville to climbing with Jimmy and ethan! they are so damn funny!! I havent laughed that hard in a long time...all they do is make stupid-perverted jokes(the best kind). I didnt climb so well...I couldnt get womens fourth cause its hard as a bitch and the womens second bolder route was a little challenging, I could never get the last move, but I am going back on friday and I know I can get it....My head hurts like hell(my harry potter scar) I really wish I hadnt run into that damn fence....haha

    ....well Its my bedtime so goodnight

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