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TheNARFinator (thenarfinator) wrote,
@ 2003-05-23 18:34:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Good Charlotte--The Anthem

    I havent been online for soooooo long! I've been to Boston. I got some really cool stuff. I brought back more stuff for my family than i did for myself. brit and christine were being called nerdzs so they bought a bumper sticker that said be nice to nerds you might end up working for one. i thought that was kinda cool. they gave it to Tom. he thought it was funny. I missed my mikey while i was gone. i was going to call him but i didnt have enough minutes on my phone card. :(. and the smilies i put on here before did work either:-( boohoo. i wonder who i can mess with their head with. it is always fun to do stuff like that. hehe. earlier i was messing with brits bfs head. we both thought it was funny (Brit and me that is). kyle never did figure out who i was i dont think. i went to Gold Cup too. i got two 5s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats the highest you can get. I was so happy. now all i have to worry about is guild for the piano. D-: o no! its scary. well i g2 get going. ill try to post here more often. i love my mikey /-=:02-14-03:=-\

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