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the misfit (themodestmisfit) wrote,
@ 2003-06-11 14:01:00
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    Current mood: groggy
    Current music:a private investager teachers voice

    okay so this is intresting..
    i am in a private investager class...and i am not joking
    i asked if i could go on thier internet and they said..uhh yea okay...
    so this chick is teaching how to be a private investager and im listening and its very intresting
    you take this class for 10 weeks, get ceritfied and can get a job
    SPEAKING OF JOBSS....achem
    i have a INTERVIEW on thursday morning for longs..........EVERYONE CROSS YOUR FINGERS, PRAY TO GOD, OR uhh yea WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i need this job
    really bad

    max, sorry i was in a horriable mood
    but ive been feeling so bad lately
    about myself...

    ash what i ment was
    when i met people,
    or get to know them better,
    i never see them for themselves
    i see them how I want them to be
    how I can get inspired by them
    and i neglect the fact they make mistakes
    they are human
    and i dont know i guess i reflect whats in me
    for me to see that in them
    so that i see whats in me better
    if that makes sence
    i dont know
    i just am enjoying being a lone right now
    not on the phone, not hanging out,
    just A L O N E
    i am sorry but its me its how im feeling
    i still want to get lost on saturday
    take the 206 and never come back

    oh mirror in the sky what is love

    music can go away except for the following:

    the cure

    i need a new journal
    i was in this store...the Z gallery
    and i found ariels old french diary
    and i remembered reading it while sitting on her bed
    and it being in her back pack
    and writing in it when i spent the night
    and then i found the small silver hearts
    she gave to the people she loved the most....
    me sara tamara
    but i left mine at her house
    and i really want it
    --if you still have it will you send it?
    --do you even read this?
    i left it by accident
    i hope it didnt make you feel like i didnt want it
    i remember when i was little i gave people SO much
    anything they wanted, if i had it, i gave it to them
    and if they left it in my room, after i had given it to them
    i would cry
    thinking that they didnt care
    but it ment a lot to me because i thought it would make them happy
    and i wanted them to be happy
    but they left it and didnt see that

    on thursday i find out if i have adhd
    even though i know i do....
    do i get meds for that?
    i am taking a sleeping pill tonight
    mom took one
    and got out of bed at 12 today and shes STILL drosey and MOODY

    for the first time
    i got lepard shoe laces
    a black opal ring thats HUGE
    a red cuff watch capris that rock.its cold in here...
    so yea it was awsome
    but i felt like crap last ngiht for buying so much stuff for myself
    selfishness leads to unhappiness-mmmmm max

    truth. im out.

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