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anthony (themethod666) wrote,
@ 2003-07-26 01:05:00
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    fuck you
    i swear i am feeling fucked up, i am mad and pissed and sad all at once, i am confused i dont know what i am feeling, i am sick of being placed third everytime i chill with my bro and cousin and women, i am sick of this shit, my bro wants me to back off a girl so he can get with her, he already took 2 girls away from me, i hate him so much sometimes he acts like a real pain in the ass. straight up i feel weird i want to scream but i cant i feel like i am locked up in a little room that i cant get out of, no matter how i try, these fucked up feelings wont leave me, i feel like my brain is starting to shutdown, the fact is i have stopped caring about anything, i dont care about anything, i really dont any in my eyes is a is pointless i mean the only reason i stay here is because i would miss my cat, to some people that is a joke, but it is true, my cat is the only thing i love everything else in my eyes is fucked up, thats all i got to say

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