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anthony (themethod666) wrote,
@ 2003-07-04 01:39:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:ship of fools- by the gratefuldead

    how am i feeling tonight, well all i can say is pissed at the wolrd is an under statement compared to how i feel tonight, everything is backfireing on me, and i am just annoyed at everyone who is around me, i am sick of people bullshit, i am sick of the lies and i am sick of the games people play, why cant people stop acting like totall assholes. i will tell u i found a girl that i really like, maybe even love, but tonight everything was thrown in my face, i had a shitty day and maybe i am over reacting but i am just pissed, i think godhead said it best "i hate today".i hate today i hate tommorrow and i hate every other day that i have to put up with total bullshit, i just get sick of life sometimes, y must people live with so much pain. this world is a fucked up place and the people in it make it even more fucked up. i just sometimes wish it would all end, i cant stand people bullshit anymore i wish everyone would leave me alone.maybe i am saying this out of anger or maybe i am just saying it to blow off some steam, but there is a possibility that this is the most rational thing i have thought about. maybe the best thing is for me to start over without everyones bullshit bothering me and ruining my life.

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