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The Messiah (themessiah) wrote,
@ 2003-07-25 01:43:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Osker - Kinetic

    one for the fans...
    alright im really bored and this is a really good song, so im gonna type out the lyrics for you, and i suggest all of you DL it. now it is a depressing song, but the songwriting is magnificent....devon williams is a hero, he is only like 18 years old and Osker is broken up now, but he has moved on to a new band.....anyway heres the song....

    Osker - Kinetic

    through the strength of your arms
    i realized i was off the mark
    all i really wanted was a pair of interested ears

    i learn that for every pause
    i was almost garuanteed more time to speak
    its always the selfish who say that life is way too short

    im not lookin to get old
    but i bet it'll happen anyway
    now i look at my hands
    they dont move the same two years ago

    at a slow, steady pace
    i made my way back home
    at least there i wont be ashamed
    and earlier today i felt the...
    ...the warmth as the skin, it held the heat

    and now the city surrounds me
    in different tones of gray
    those are the same cries
    that make my bones shake

    (chorus #2)
    im alone, but im not lonely
    i have kinetic energy
    the dividing line
    will separate us all (will save you)

    sometimes its those nights
    where i'm all i have
    is really all i need
    those are the same cries
    that make my bones shake

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