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blonde and lazy-eyed (themeanreds) wrote,
@ 2004-02-17 01:27:00
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    Current music:17

    ma-ary had a lit-tle lamb
    I've decided to turn my all-consuming boredom into a big nonsense journal entry.

    On my mind right this second: it's absolutely freezing and I have given up on trying to feel my fingers. I hate this. Some lady told me a few days ago not to complain about her "beautiful New York" and "this beautiful weather." I just looked at her like she'd sprouted seven extra heads and moved on.

    I have a crush on this friend SO massive that I've begun to have dreams about it/him - it's totally silly. It's like the ninth grade all over again. It's giddy and childish and fun. There are tons of completely solid, relevant reasons why I like him so much. And he's megamega sexy. Oh, I'll keep you posted.

    I'm getting old. I maintain that the weirdest thing about this is: everyone else gets older, too. It's startling, really.

    I have a lot of new friends around here. Not so much new as newly closer, I guess. I like this. It's a very good thing for me. They make me feel so much less displaced.

    I'm never sure how to conduct myself when things end with a person. I hate the feeling that any intimacy is lost by having crossed an intimacy line before. And what's the point of small talk, but how do you get past it? Most things seem to get messed up, eventually. (I'm not that cynical)

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