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Bre (themadhatteress) wrote,
@ 2008-06-18 22:53:00
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    Pros & Cons
    Things going wrong in my life:
    I owe my uni in England 2000 dollars. That I definitely (and no one I probably know) has...
    I went home for 4 days in the past 6 1/2 months
    My family works really hard for me, and I don't appreciate them enough, nor do I show it...
    I missed my sister's graduation
    I'm pretty sure my brother is pissed off at me.
    I look like a guy
    I miss too many people & places all at once
    I'm lonely, even in a crowd of people.
    I have the personality of cardboard
    I'm not as good of a Christian as I should be (note: this should be at the top)

    Things going right:
    I have a family that loves me
    I have a God who loves me
    I have a great summer job
    I'm not out of school (yet)
    I have amazing friends, on both sides of the ocean
    I get to hang out with kids all day AND get paid for it
    I have enough food, a good roof over my head, etc
    I'm alive & kicking
    I don't have alot of drama in my life

    I have alot to be grateful for. And I'll try to remember that. :-)

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