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Sandy (theleprechaun) wrote,
@ 2003-11-17 22:16:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:I saw an angel~Happy Hardcore

    Bahhhh Rated R Scene Virgins be aware!
    So yeah...don't make fun of me...i am a virgin writing a sex laugh i kill you.

    Shandra lifted up a little bit and straddled Ashton between her legs. He leaned forward and gently bit into her neck; he smiled as he drew a soft groan from her. Her body seemed to come a live as he sucked her neck. She slid her hands through his silky hair and pressed him closer to her. The more he drank from her the tighter her body became. She could feel his tension growing as the bulge in his pants rubbed against her thigh.
    He gasped as he drew away from her; blood dripped from the corners of his mouth as he gazed at her wildly. Shandra was mesmerized at how her blood looked so dark against his pale skin. She reached out and cupped his face in her hand, smearing the blood along his lips with her thumb. She chuckled softly to herself, it reminded her of one of the old dames from the fifties and their dramatic lipstick. He leaned forward and kissed her softly, letting her lick up the mess she had made.
    Shandra sighed delightfully as he moved on top of her, laying her on her back. The feeling of his pulsing groin pressing into her lower stomach was almost too much for her to bear. She wanted him so badly to be inside of her and make her feel alive but he always made her wait and squirm. He unbuttoned her blouse and kissed the sudden exposed skin. He ran his hands all over her ivory skin only stopping to lightly graze her tightening nipples. Her breathing quickened as he bent low and nuzzled her breast biting gently into the tender flesh. She looked down and wasn’t very surprised to find several pairs of small puncture holes all over her stomach and breasts.
    She sat up and quickly undid his pants; pushing them to his hips and stopped to watch his face. He was smiling down at her and she felt as if she were melting through out her body; he let out a low laugh as he saw her shudder from the way he was gazing down at her. She continued to push his pants down over his firm butt and ripped them fiercely off his legs.
    “Oh Gods,” Ashton growled trying to contain himself as she took him inside of her mouth. Her sharp fangs grazing the ides of his long shaft making him scream wordlessly and buck against her. He could feel the intensity of his power building up inside of him wanting spill out over the edge, it took every ounce of his will power to keep it all bottled up. He gripped her hair in one hand pulling as she rolled the head of his penis around in her mouth. Her essence crawled off her skin and played along his wanting inside but Ashton kept her out to piss her off. She pulled away from him suddenly just as he was about to reach his peak.
    Shandra smiled evilly up at him when she saw his eyes glowing and his pupils grow into slits. He pushed her down on the couch very roughly and ripped at her leather pants tearing them off of her body, leaving long scratches along her legs. Shandra licked her lips as he licked the blood up before they healed. He stared down at her nude body with such eagerness it made Shandra smile even more; she loved how she could make him lose control so easily. She shuddered as his power finally let go and rushed up against her body making the hairs on her neck stand on end and without warning Shandra let down all of her shields. Her power engulfed them both intertwining with his and both cried out. She opened her eyes to find Ashton crawling on top of her pressing his hips between her legs. Shandra bit hard on her bottom lip as grinded up against her making room against the tightness. He pushed himself roughly against her until her body gave way and let him in.
    Neither of them could hold back any longer, they opened their mouths and cried out with every breath. She raised her hips up to meet his grinding and a pounding rhythm formed between them sending waves upon waves of ecstasy through their bodies. Shandra could feel him growing close to his climax as he jerked inside of her. She sunk her fangs into his shoulder and lapped up the blood insatiably. Ashton screamed both in pain and pleasure as she fed against him.
    The force of their climax hit them so strongly Shandra pulled away screaming, echoing Ashton’s. He fell on top of her as the pleasure subsided and Shandra tried to concentrate on her breathing. After a few moments of silence he rose on his elbows and stared down at her lovingly, his eyes returning to normal.
    “I love you,” he said softly kissing her nose. He rolled over onto his back and brought her close to him.

    Shandra waiting until he was perfectly still before she got up to leave his side. She opened the drawers of her armoire and pulled out several articles of clothing. Black underwear, black bra, black leather pants and an indigo long sleeved satin shirt. She quickly got dressed and strapped all of her sheaths on to her body. She then carefully picked a blue and silver hairpin that was razor sharp at the tip that she had dipped in poison and wrapped her hair up in it, leaving two thick strands to frame her face.
    She collected all of her sharp objects she had thrown on the desk the night before and placed them all in her enormous marble bathtub and filled it with boiling hot water. She watched with great amusement as all of the dried blood came unstuck and floated to the surface. She waited a few minutes until she took them out of the hot water and gently set them on the terry cloth towel. After hand drying each of them she retrieved her stone sharpener from the cupboard and very carefully ran it against the blades one at a time smoothing out the rough edges and getting rid of the caked on rust. She tested each one on her finger before slipping them into their sheaths.
    She walked out of the restroom and picked up her leather duster from the ground and put it on effortlessly. She gently kissed Ashton on the forehead before hurrying out of their bedroom.

    Shandra quickened her pace as she saw the others gathering in the hall. Rachele had changed into black dress pants and a black dress shirt with three-inch heel boots. She had her hair braided and there were white water lilies woven in her hair. Gwaine stood next to her gazing at this magnificent sword fondly. He had his knee length black hair half down and the other half was braided tightly behind his head. Xavier and Callisto stood next to them; Callisto had her head on his shoulder and his arm hung lazily around her slender waist.
    “Why did you ask to meet us here?” Rachele spoke first. Shandra rolled her eyes. She was growing so weary of her childish behavior.
    “Angelina had just received news about Adam,” Xavier said mockingly. Rachele shot him a dirty look.
    “Adam? He’s been gone for months now,” Callisto piped in sleepily.
    “He thinks he may have found Taylor’s lair and now Angelina wants me and a few others to join him. I’ve requested that it be you, including Ashton,” Shandra informed.
    “Where is the charming lover boy?” Rachele teased playfully.
    “Asleep,” Shandra stated.
    “What are we to do once we reach the lair of the vampire children?” Gwaine asked pricking his finger with the tip of his sword.
    “Well that’s why I want you there Gwaine. I was thinking that Rachele and Callisto would stay outside of the lair protecting us while we go inside. Callisto will be able to see if anything or anyone is coming near us and will tell Xavier of this with your powers of telepathy. Rachele can use her elements by keeping any outside children out. Xavier and Gwaine will be out main fighters while Ashton and I help Adam find Crystal.” Shandra explained.
    “And why weren’t we invited to this glorious occasion?” A voice rang out. Shandra turned around to find Veronica, Cayla, Conner, Corrina and Sheldon all standing on the staircase.
    “Because we need you here to protect the lair and everyone in it. This may be a set up to get us all out to attack Angelina. I have everyone I need,” Shandra said.
    “Take Sheldon with you. It will be good experience for him,” Corrina said placing her hand on his shoulder. Shandra could understand why everyone, especially Angelina, was so annoyed with Corrina. Sheldon was showing no growth or skills that would make him a master. But Angelina trusted Corrina’s judgment.
    “Fine but I am not playing his babysitter. We leave tonight after sunset.”
    “How will we travel?” Sheldon asked with an arrogant smile.
    “We fly and I don’t mean the big metal machine. Is that a problem for you Sheldon/” Xavier said with a deep throaty laugh. Shandra and the others couldn’t help but join him in his laughter.
    “Am I missing something?’ Sheldon asked his grin fading away.
    “You must earn your wings before you can learn to fly little boy,” Rachele said blowing him a kiss before leaving the room. Shandra shook her head with annoyance as Sheldon still looked confused.
    “We meet here tonight at 5:30,” Shandra ordered. She turned her back on them and left the room.

    Chapter 5

    Jesse bit her lip as her teacher walked around the room passing out the semester reports. Jenia squealed with delight when she saw that she got a B plus on hers. Her little circle of friends always sat in the middle and together. Blaine sat next to Jesse and busied herself by folding little origami stars. She never cared what grade she received; she was an immortal who had all the time in the world to fail and succeed. Jesse admired her bravery for wanting to come to school even though she knew everything already. She also had to deal with being the outcast like Jesse. Blaine had natural pointed ears, which she had pierced to make them even more noticeable. She had a very heave Irish accent that she never tried to hide.
    “Blaire Cummins, excellent job. The pictures were a very nice touch. And the way you explained the Scott’s were almost as if you were there,” Their Europe History teacher said with a bright smile. Blaine side glanced at Jesse and the girl’s could not suppress their giggles.
    “If only she knew,” Blaire whispered once their teacher went on to another student.
    “Josh Owens,” the teacher said with disappointment. Jesse looked over and saw that pretty boy Josh received yet another D on his history report. He looked up at her and smiled slightly shrugging his shoulders. He shoved his papers into his messy backpack and sighed heavily. Jesse somewhat felt sorry for him, she couldn’t remember if he ever got a grade over a C the whole year.
    “Very nice job Jesse,” the teacher said winking. Jesse looked at her paper and smiled proudly. Blaine reached over and looked at her grade.
    “Wow you almost got a better grade than me!” She said.
    “Well, it helps if you were actually there,” Jesse mocked. She was relieved when the ball rang for the end of class. Blaire and Jesse collected their belongings and hurried out of the room to their lockers.
    “Hey Jesse, wait up!” She heard someone call out. The girls turned around and both were shocked to see Josh running after them. Jesse hugged her books close to her and looked at the ground shyly.
    “Hi,” she said nervously as he approached them.
    “Hey, great job on the history report, both of you,” he commented.
    “Thanks,” Blaire said blandly and crossed her arms.
    “Yeah. I was um…wondering if you cold tutor me. I’m not doin to well in that class and I need to bring it up real soon or my parents…”
    “It’s ok, but yeah sure I’ll tutor you,” Jesse replied smiling.
    “Oh great thank you so much. Um how about I come over…”
    “You can’t, I mean my mom isn’t to fond of company, especially boys,” Jesse said quickly blushing.
    “Oh, ok. Well how about after school you can come over to my house? I’ll meet you in front of the band room,” Josh said happily.
    “Josh! Come on!” Jenia called out giving her brother a weird look. Josh waved goodbye and hurried off to catch up with Jenia.
    “Ok that was beyond strange,” Blaire commented walking over to the locker that the girl’s shared.
    “Yeah, I guess,” Jesse replied shrugging. She grabbed her Calculus book and said goodbye to her friend. As she left to turn the corner someone ran into her hard; knocking her books to the ground.
    “Oh my god I am so sorry,” the boy said bending down to pick up her books.
    “It’s ok, I wasn’t really watching where I was going,” Jesse said shyly. The boy looked up at her and she felt her heart stop. He had black shoulder length wavy hair and soft gray cat like eyes. He was very petite for a boy, standing at 5’6”. Jesse could feel herself being swept away by his intense eyes and his sly smile. And it seemed as if he were staring right back at her. He blushed and shook his head.
    “I’m sorry, I am being rude,” he said handing over her books.
    “I’m Jesse,” she said quietly trying to keep in her excitement. It was the first time ever that a boy was even paying attention to her.
    “I’m Avion, the new kid,” he said with a short laugh. Jesse’s smile fade a she remembered the way Kacey and Jenia were talking about him.
    “Did I say something wrong?”
    “Oh no. It’s just that I remember a few girls talking about you that’s all.”
    “Really? Who?”
    “Jenia Owens and Kacey Miller,” Jesse answered. Avion covered his mouth to keep from laughing too loudly.
    “Those girls are a tad to prissy for my interests. But I am interested in you,” He said calmly. Jesse stared at him in shock.
    “You are?” Jesse stammered. He opened his mouth to speak just as the bell rang out in the halls.
    “Well I guess I’ll see you around then. It was really nice meeting you Jesse,” Avion said and took off running down the hall. Jesse sighed with misery and entered her classroom.

    Blaire turned around and found Jesse chatting up a strange new boy. She was overcome with happiness when she saw the attraction between the two. She closed her locker and was about to head to her class but her head started to buzz and she felt numb all over. She felt as if she was loosing all control over her mind and body. When she opened her eyes and it was as if she was seeing things from a distance.
    “Hello Angelina,” Blaire thought, she was Angelina’s eyes when it came to outside things and news.
    “Whom is that boy talking with out little Jesse?” Angelina said curiously.
    “The new boy, he looks so familiar. His eyes, oh my god,” she thought as a sudden memory of a four year old child flashed through her mind.
    “Kendrick,” she said out loud her voice sounding strange to her.
    “It can’t be, but there is some remarkable similarities though. Keep your eye on him and if something happens to him report to me immediately,” Angelina said firmly and left her mind. Blaire took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Quickly she dug through her backpack and fished out her digital camera. She took several shots of his face before shoving it back in her bag.

    Jesse held her breath as she drew closer to the band room; she didn’t know whether or not he was serious or playing a cruel joke on as many of the kids liked to do. She let out the still air in her lungs when she saw josh waiting around talking to the people next to him. He turned around and smiled at her.
    “Hey Jesse, I was afraid you were gonna bail on me. Ready?” Josh said. Jesse nodded and followed him to his car.
    “Where are your friends?” she asked as he opened the car door for her.
    “Jen’s goin out with Kacey and Garrett to the mall,” he replied. Jesse quickly got in the car and waited patiently for him to cross over to his side.
    “What about Mauria?” Jesse asked as he buckled in.
    “She’s got stuff to do. Don’t worry about it, we’ll be alone,” Josh answered starting the car. He pulled out of his spot and out of the school parking lot.
    “So what exactly is giving you a hard time in history?” Jesse asked breaking the silence.
    “I don’t know, I think it’s just the studying that gets me. I just can’t sit down and study, so I was hoping you could help me study for tomorrow’s big test,” he said keeping his eyes on the road.
    “I’ll try,” Jesse said with a laugh. A few minutes passed and Josh finally pulled in front of a two-story house.
    “Welcome to my wonderful home,” Josh said with much sarcasm. He got out of the car and started walking towards the front door. Jesse quickly got out of the car and caught up with him just as he was unlocking the door. He pushed open the door and a rush of cold air hit both of them in the face. He led her through his well-kept house and upstairs to his clean bedroom.
    “I was under the oppression that boys never kept their rooms cleaned,” Jesse said in surprise as she looked around his neatly organized room.
    “We have someone to clean our house for us. If we didn’t my room would never be clean,” he said with a laugh. He threw his backpack on his bed and slumped down in his computer chair. Jesse gazed at all of the pictures on his dresser, the same faces she saw everyday smiled at her through the paper. She couldn’t remember a time that she had ever been in a normal person’s room. Her own room could be considered anything but normal.
    “I want to apologize if my sister and Kacey were ever mean to you,” Josh said suddenly. Jesse turned around and looked at him in shock.
    “I know they can get pretty cruel towards people who are in any way different from them. Especially you and Blaire,” Josh said guiltily. Jesse couldn’t think of a thing to say to him. She never thought of an apology coming out of his mouth. She opened her mouth to speak but something on his floor caught her eye. Lying crumpled on the ground was a blown up picture of Shandra when she had been mortal. She snatched it up and stared at him accusingly.
    “Where did you get this?” she demanded.
    “From our Europe History book. Do you know who she is?” Josh asked his eyes growing wide. Jesse backed away from him, realizing that he had been the boy Rachele and Shandra argued about in the hall.
    “ I…have to go,” Jesse stammered grabbing her book bag.
    “Jesse, you know her don’t you?” Josh asked. She ignored him and ran out of his room. She was almost to the front door when he caught up with her. He grabbed her arm fiercely and turned her to face him.
    “Please, who is she? I have to know,” Josh asked looking dead in her eyes.
    “I can’t,” Jesse hissed. Him liking her was not worth exposing her family. She tore away from him and ran as fast as she could towards the cemetery. Josh stood there for a few second before he took off after her. Jesse turned her head and saw him catching up to her. She dropped everything that she was carrying and ran faster. She was praying that Rachele was in the woods waiting for her, she wouldn’t be able to out run him.
    Jesse screamed as he crashed into her sending them both to the ground. She fought against him as he turned her over and pinned her to the ground.
    “What are you hiding?” He demanded holding on to her wrists.
    “Help me!” Jesse screamed helplessly. Please hear me Rachele, she thought to herself.
    “I’m not going to hurt you, just tell me who she is,” he said covering her mouth to keep her from screaming.
    “Hey! Get off of her!” a boy yelled. Josh looked up in time to see a fist flying towards his face. He fell back with a groan holding a hand up to his face. Jesse looked up to see Avion standing over Josh giving him a warning look.
    “Keep you filthy rich boy hands off of her. If you even look at her I’ll fuck you up!” Avion said through clenched teeth. Jesse stared at him in disbelief as she tried to calm her beating heart.
    “I don’t know who you are but this has nothing to do with,” Josh mumbled rubbing the sore spot on his chin.
    “I really don’t give a shit, you touch her again I’ll hurt you,” Avion said glaring at him. He turned and helped Jesse to her feet. She was shaking so much her teeth chattered. Avion put a warm comforting arm around her and led her away from Josh.
    “Thank you,” Jesse managed to say as they walked back to where her things were dropped.
    “Don’t thank me, I’m just glad I got to you before that asshole did anything,” He said shaking his head. He bent down next to her and started to help her collect her scattered papers. He stopped short when he saw the crumpled up picture of Shandra. He stared at it as if he were mesmerized.
    “I’ve dreamt about her,’ he said softly smiling like a child on his birthday. Jesse watched him as he got tears in his eyes and quickly wiped them away with the back of his hand.
    “Sorry, it’s just that I have been dreaming about this woman for years now. Especially when they told me they couldn’t find my real mom,” he said mournfully.
    “You’re adopted?” Jesse asked softly as if she were afraid he would be angry.
    “Yeah, they said I just magically appeared at the door with no letter or anything. They tried a blood test but nothing came up for a match, I guess that’s what makes me so weird to some people, I’m an orphan with no one to want me,” He said sadly, “ But this woman, I have a feeling that she is my real mother.” Jesse looked at him wide eyed and quickly glanced at the ground. She knew that Shandra had a child before she had changed and took care of him until he was five years old. Then he disappeared, Jesse never knew what happened to him, Shandra could never finish the story.
    “Why do you have this picture?” Avion asked jerking back from her thoughts.
    “It was in Josh’s room and it must have got in my things when I ran away from his house,” Jesse replied only half lying.
    “Oh, that’s strange. Do you mind terribly if I kept this?”
    “No, not at all. I really have to get home now. Thanks for everything,” She said. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek before running off towards the cemetery. Avion stood still watching her as she went smiling to himself. For the first time in weeks he started to feel a little happiness.
    “Hello again child.” Avion turned around and found a beautiful young girl sitting on a tree stump with her chin resting on her hands.
    “That was truly precious, I almost wept from the cuteness of it,” she laughed.
    “Who are you?” Avion asked growing angry. Her eyes glowed against her dark skin and he remembered them some how.
    “You remember me, my dear boy, don’t you? Or has the past few centuries blocked your memory?” She asked coolly. Avion slowly began to back away from her.
    “Oh come now Kendrick.”
    “Kendrick? My name is Avion,” He said in confusion. She laughed loudly sending chills down his spine. He wrapped his arms around himself and shivered. He could feel his whole body growing cold. He closed his eyes to keep from trembling and accidentally dropped the picture. The girl looked down at it and grinned wide.
    “Oh how sweet this will be,” she whispered just as he slumped forward and blacked out.

    At exactly 5:30 Shandra, Rachele, Gwaine, Callisto, Xavier and lastly Sheldon all arrived in the main hallway waiting for further instructions. Ashton came running down the steps with his staff and Shandra’s compass.
    “Who’s going to help the little one to fly?” Rachele said coyly looking at Sheldon who was picking at his nails.
    “I guess I will,” Ashton piped in with a groan. Shandra squeezed his hand slightly and nodded.
    “Is everyone ready to go?” Shandra asked. Everyone nodded but Sheldon, he seemed to be in his own world and ignored the things going on around him.
    “Sheldon,” Shandra said firmly. He looked up and smiled.
    “You will be flying with Ashton and you will do as he says,” Shandra said with annoyance, he opened his mouth to speak but she held up her hand to silence him. She picked up her sword and slipped it into her sheath. She made sure that everyone was ready and led them towards the tunnel. They walked briskly up to the surface and waited until the sun was completely down before exiting the crypt. Gwaine held the door open for them as they filed out one by one. Rachele and Callisto closed their eyes and searched to see if anyone was in the forest.
    “All is clear,’ they said in unison. Ashton reached out and gripped onto Sheldon’s jacket.
    “Hey, what the hell you think you're doing?” Sheldon exclaimed looking at him with irritation.
    “Flying,” he stated with an amused grin. He bent his knees a little and surged up into the air. Rachele laughed loudly and joined them and so did the others. Shandra watched as Sheldon flailed and shrieked as the wild air whipped around him. She loved the feeling that flying brought to her. Free and nothing holding her back. Rachele twisted and did flips in the air laughing gleefully.
    Within a few hours they were flying over New Orleans, the Mardi Gras music filled the still air. Shandra signaled to the others and she dove straight down towards the trees neighboring the festivities. She slowed down as she reached the trees, the branches smashing into her face cutting into her skin. She landed softly on her feet and turned her head to find everyone setting down as well behind her. Their cuts were healing rapidly along with Shandra’s.
    “How the hell did we just fly from Arizona to Missouri?” Sheldon gasped for air.
    “It comes with age,” Rachele said picking branches out of her hair.
    “You finally made it,” Adam said walking up to them. He had his brown hair tied up tightly in a ponytail and he wore torn and dirty clothing.
    “What do we do now?” Shandra asked.
    “The lair is about twenty minutes from now. The entrance is a mansion that is protected by four year olds who kill anything that approaches including animals. From what I can gather the house is where they sleep and everything is done underground. You can’t even hear the screams unless you are one of us,” Adam said filling them in. Sheldon started say something but Ashton shot him a warning look.
    They followed Adam for about fifteen minutes into the woods before the enormous loomed in front of them. It was about three stories tall and had to be at least over two hundred years old. The white paint was chipped and faded away and the wood was splintered and frayed from too much time in the sun. Shandra squinted and saw the two children hiding behind the French columns waiting for any sign of movement.
    “Callisto and Rachele you stay out here. The rest of us will go inside and search around. If we can’t find anything we are out of there, we are not spending more than thirty minutes in that house,” Shandra explained looking at Adam. He nodded, his anticipation growing visible. Callisto and Rachele took their places close to the house. Shandra watched as Rachele closed her eyes and raised the wind on the other side of the house making the bushes move. The children perked up and ran over to the bushes to investigate. Shandra took the lead and ran up to the front door and kicked it open. Sheldon was the last one into the house and shut the door firmly behind him.
    Shandra whipped out her two miniature swords and cautiously looked around the entry hall. There were three doors and in the middle stood the staircase that led to the second floor. There was a fourth door that was hidden behind the stairs; Shandra pointed towards the door with her sword and moved towards it. She glanced back and saw Adam looking up the stairs.
    “Don’t even think about it Adam. Now is not the time to go after Taylor. You will be killed, now come on!” Shandra hissed at him. Adam nodded and waited for her to open the door.

    Avion groaned and slowly opened his eyes. He jumped up startled to find himself in a very dark room. He felt up the walls and came back with mud all over them. Even the floor was mad of mud. He tried to get up but his heels sank into the damp mud making him fall back down.
    “Someone help me!” He screamed frantically. He could not see anything in front of him but blackness. He jerked out his feet and crawled along the floor feeling around for anything that would resemble a door. His hands ran across a steel door and Avion pounded his hands against the metal.
    “Someone please help me!” He screamed.
    “No one will hear you,” someone spoke out. Avion yelped and looked around seeing nothing but the blackness. He sat down and hugged his knees in close trying not to panic.
    “Where am I,” He choked out. He jumped when he heard a scratch and then a flicker. The room was suddenly lit revealing a small round dirty face and in her hand she held two matches. Without taking her eyes off him she reached up and grabbed an oil lamp and lit it. Sitting across from him was a very young girl who was maybe seven years old who was covered in mud. Her blue dress was torn and shredded and her hair hung around her face sticking to her skin.
    “We are in her lair and you won’t be getting out,” she said flatly. Her accent was thick making it hard for him to understand.
    “Who is she/” he asked remembering the blonde girls face just before he had fainted.
    “I never learned her name but I know she is the master of the children,” she replied closing her eyes.
    “How long have you been here?”
    “Five years and they still haven’t been able to change me, I will forever be good,” she said through clenched teeth. Avion caught a glimpse at her teeth and held his breath. Her canine teeth grew longer than they should have been and a deep growl escaped her lips. She grabbed her hair and pulled screaming frantically writhing against the wall. Avion didn’t know what to do, he hoped that she wouldn’t turn on him. She finally stopped screaming and took in deep ragged breaths as she finally calmed down. She wrapped her arms around herself and started rocking back and forth.
    “Daddy,” she whispered.

    Josh grabbed his letterman’s jacket and headed out of the house. He had just spent the last few hours researching on the internet about woodland sprites. He was determined to find the one called Carrie.
    “Hey Josh wait up!” Mauria called out running up behind him. He looked over his shoulder and sighed. He didn’t need this right now, he couldn’t waste any time.
    “Where ya goin?” she asked out of breath.
    “The cemetery,” he answered.
    “You like hanging out there now a days. Oh my god what happened to your face?’ Mauria asked with concer lightly touching his face. He grabbd her hand before she could actually touch it.
    “I feel down the stairs. Look I have to go, I’ll see you around,” Josh said hastily. He turned back around and briskly walked away.
    “Hey, I’ll come with you,” Mauria said catching up with him. Josh rolled his eyes knowing he wouldn’t be able to get rid of her.

    Shandr put Xavier in front of her so he could light the way. He held his hand out in fron to fhim as the flames flickerted around the skin. Behind her stood Ashton, Sheldon, Adam and then Gwaine. When Shandra had opened the door they weren’t surprised to see that it led underground and the air was filled with screams and moans. She had to close her eyes to keep her anger under control.
    “There’s a drop where the stairs end, it looks about ten feet,” Xavier whispered. Shandra nodded and watched as he jumped down and landed with a dull thud. He called flames to both hands so they could see where the ground was. One by one they dropped down.
    “Shit, these are new boots!” Sheldon exclaimed as his feet sunk down in the soft earth. Shandra held her breath as his voice echoed down the hall.
    “You idiot,” Ashton hissed. Gwaine knelt down and put his hand on the ground. His eyes opened wide and quckly looked up at Shandra. She soved Sheldon into the corner and handed him her mini sword. As she turned she pulled out her sword from her back and stood ready to attack. Within moments the hall was filled with starving revnant children who resembled zombies more than vampires. Xavier held his hands out palms out and pushed against an invisible force sending a wave of flames forward engulfing the children. Their screams and shrieks pierced their ears. Shandra moved forward and ran past the children swatting at themselves trying to put out the fires.
    “Come on!” She yelled once she got passed them. She gasped once she saw the hall was filled with steel doors with no windows. She knew they were filled with starving revnants, she could hear their nails scratching against the doors. She heard a shout from behind her and saw Gwaine cutting everyone of the vampires heads off ending their shrieks. He wiped the edges of his blade with the end of his swinging jacket.
    “How do we know which door it is?” Adam comment as he stared in awe at the hundreds of doors.
    “Me, Ashton and Sheldon will start at the end on the right side, the rest of you will start here,” Shandra replied pointing to the first door on the left side. Shandra quickly took off running down the hall until she reached the end. She put her hand on the door knob and held her breath.

    “Josh what are we doing here anyway?” Mauria asked watching Josh look through some bushes.
    “I’m here looking for something I don’t know why you’re here,” Josh replied with annoyance.
    “I thought you could use some company, especially with what happened all,” She shot out.
    “So now you believe me?” Josh asked staring at her. Mauria opened her mouth to say something but then closed it not knowing what to say.
    “That’s what I thought,” he said walking away from her.
    “What do you expect from me Josh? I mean you tell me that some strange and mysterious woman murdered a little girl and then blood shows up on your jacket and you can’t remember how it got there. What am I supposed to think!” Mauria exclaimed grabbing his arm.
    “And how do you think that makes me feel? I can’t remember a damn thing except the little girl and Shandra. I don’t know why she killed her and that’s what I’ve been trying to figure out,” Josh spat out in her face. Mauria took a step back from him and looked hurt. Josh sighed and rubbed his eyes.
    “Josh, I’m sorry,” Mauria said her voice sounding strained. Josh looked down at her and suddenly felt guilty. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her close to him, resting his chin on her head.
    “I’m sorry too Mauria,” He said softly. She looked up at him and their lips brushed against each other. She raised on tip-toe and pressed them together. Josh briefly kissed her back but quickly pulled away.
    “I can’t, I don’t have feelings for you in that way,” Josh said backing away from her, as tears came to her eyes.
    “None at all?” she stuttered.
    “I’m sorry.”
    “I have to go,” she said giving him an ugly look. Josh watched as she walked away from him.
    “I hear you’re looking for me?”
    Josh turned around and grabbed at his throat as the air was sucked out of him.

    There was so much blood shed on the ground the dirt became soggy under their feet. Shandra pulled open another door and reared back as three little boys jumped on her and snapped their teeth. Sheldon shoved the dagger into one of the boys’s neck as Ashton bashed his staff into another. Shandra screamed as the boy slashed at her face. She took out her hair pin and rammed into the boys forehead. She sighed with relief as he shrieked and fell off of her.
    “How many doors we got left?” Sheldon asked breathlessly putting his hands on his knees. Ashton reached out and helped Shandra to her feet. She shook her head letting her hair fall loose.
    “One on our side four on theirs,” she said counting in her head. Each cell had carried almost three children and they had killed them all, and when they got past them they would be burned by Xavier who waited for them at the drop. The ground was littered with their tiny bodies.
    “Ready/” she asked putting her hand on the knob. She pulled open the door and waited for something to jump out but nothing did. Shandra poled her head into the cell and could sense that someone was in there.
    “Is anyone in here?” Shandra called out cautiously.
    “Shandra?” a small voice came out of the darkness. Adam rushed over and pushed her out of the way.
    “Crystal!” Adam exclaimed dropping to one knee.
    “Daddy!” She screamed crashing into his arms. Shandra stared at the two in shock and relief. They finally found her.
    “It’s ok my darling, I’m taking you home,” he said softly rubbing her back as she sobbed into his neck. Shandra turned her attention back to the cell when she saw a boy stagger out of the darkness squinting his eyes. They locked eyes and a tear rolled down his pale face.
    “It can’t be,” Ashton said in a hushed whisper. The boy opened his mouth to speak but his eyes rolled up in the back of his head and fainted.

    Josh stared helplessly into the bright white light and could not breathe.
    “Why do you seek me out,’ the voice bellowed, “Call out my name!”
    “Carrie, the woodland sprite!” Josh choked out, his eyes watering from the lack of air. She released her hold on him and dimmed her glamour. Josh rolled over on his stomach and gagged.
    “Why do you seek me out?” she asked her tone softening.
    “I wish to know about Shandra O’Loughlin,” he stated keeping his head turned away from her.
    “Shandra O’Loughlin is dead, she died in…”
    “1452, I know that already but what happened to her,” he said and slowly turned around. She had golden blonde hair that dropped to her ankles in curls. Her eyes were pure silver, not gray but silver. They held the same luster that the metal had when the moonlight hit it. She wore a sheer ivory dress and no shoes. Her ears were pointed and stuck out of her thick hair.
    “Why do you wish to know these things?” she asked curiously taking a few steps towards him.
    “Because I need too.”
    “Then take my hand and I will show you,” she said and held out her hand. Josh hesitated before grabbing a hold of it. He screamed wordlessly as he felt like he was being ripped out of his skin. Visions and blurs came across his vision. He saw Shandra’s birth, her becoming the slayer, her being happy with the man she loved and having a child. Then her life took a bad turn and all he saw was darkness; her being changed into a vampire, having to watch her son being slaughtered and not being able to do anything about it. Josh cried out as the tears ran down his cheeks, as an added bonus Carrie let him feel everything she felt as she watched the vampires rake their nails down her son’s body. She jerked her hand free from his, sending him to the ground still witenessing Shandra’s past. He pounded his fist into his head until she visions stopped. He opened his eyes and found Carrie leaning up against the tree staring down at him.
    “The child that you saw murdered was not human but evil. There is something you must know about the different clans. There are the elders and then there are the children. No one remembers exactly where they came from but what we do know is that it started with Taylor. The elders are not evil and they do not even hunt humans anymore. Shandra killed that little girl because it is her destiny to do so,” Carrie said as if reading his thoughts. He couldn’t understand how she knew that, that was the one thing on his mind. Carrie nodded and started walking away from him. Josh racked his brain for something else to say or do but he could think of nothing; then he suddenly remembered something that he had in his pocket. He ran up to her and locked the hand cuffs around her slender wrist and around his.
    “I wish to see the lair where the elders sleep,” Josh demanded looking her dead in the eye.
    “By your laws if a mortal lays a hand on your, you must do as they wish,” Josh replied with a wild look in his eyes.
    “You are becoming obsessed and trust me child that is not a good thing,” she said trying to jerk away from him but she something held her to him and it was not the handcuffs.
    “You are bound by your laws as a sprite, now take me there,” he demanded.

    Chapter 6

    Shandra and the others set down right in front of the crypt. Adam had Crystal tightly in his arms while Ashton held the human boy.
    “Jesus,” Sheldon grunted as he fell to the ground. Rachele had dropped him flat on his stomach.
    “You are a pain to fly with,” she growled walking into the crypt. The rest of them followed her quietly and once they reached the grand hall everyone was waiting for them.
    “Angelina!” Crystal exclaimed running up to her.
    “I am so happy you’re back home,” Angelina said holding back her tears.
    “Come child you need a bath,” Corrina said holding out her hand. Crystal smiled up at her and enclosed her hand around hers.
    “You found him?” Angelina said looking at the human boy. Shandra didn’t know what to say or even how to feel. Ashton believed it was Kendrick reborn but Shandra had her doubts.
    “Do not fret Shandra, he is under my protection now. We will keep him safe,” She said comforting, “Keep him in Phoebe’s garden until he wakes. That way he’ll wake up to the sunlight and darkness.
    “What the hell?” Xavier said a loud looking at the entrance. Shandra turned around and saw Josh standing next to Carrie; their wrists hand cuffed together. Rachele let out a childish laugh clapping her hands over her mouth.
    “Carrie what is the meaning of this! Bringing a mortal boy down her?” Angelina barked, her red eyes glowing dark.
    “He’s a mortal,” Josh said pointing, “He goes to my school.”
    “The reasoning for him being here is completely different than yours,” Shandra snarled.
    “Someone told him about me and he now wishes to see the lair of where the elders sleep,” Carrie said enraged. Shandra shook her head and casted Rachele a nasty look. Angelina looked between the two and very quickly caught on. She swung her hand out and sent Rachele crashing into the wall. She landed on the floor heavily and grunted in pain.
    “Explain yourself Rachele!” Angelina demanded staring down at her. Rachele sat up and cringed under the power flow Angelina was pushing towards her. She wiped the blood off of her face and coughed.
    “He wanted to know why Shandra killed the little girl but she denied him that knowledge. I never thought he would have asked to come down here,” Rachele answered her voice quivering.
    “You don’t know the mortals, especially that one,” Jesse called out from the top of the stairs.
    “Jesse? What are you doing here?” Josh asked his eyes open wide in shock.
    “Now you know why I wouldn’t tell you about Shandra. She’s my family,” Jesse said her voice dripping with disgust.
    “This is the boy who attacked you?” Conner cried. Xavier and Gwaine put a hand on his shoulders to keep him from attacking Josh.
    “You dirty little boy!” Carrie shrieked glowing white again. Josh covered his eyes and screamed as the pain seared through his body. He fell to the ground and pulled on his wrist that was wearing the cuffs and was surprised to find out that it came freely. He looked up and saw a white mist floating away from them towards the door. He yelped as someone picked him up roughly by his collar.
    “You have seen the lair and now you will leave and will never see or hear from you again,” Shandra said tightening her grip on his shirt.
    “Wait a minute, how did he survive Carrie’s light? A glance at it would melt a mortal’s eyes,” Angelina asked looking at Josh strangely. Everyone seemed to think about it for a few moments and shook their head dumbfounded.
    “What are you hiding Josh?” Jesse asked mockingly staring him down.
    “Yes, what are you hiding my dear boy?” Angelina asked coming closer to them. Josh gulped and tried to find his voice.

    “That bastard! I can’t believe he would lead me on like that!” Mauria cried out loud, tears streaming her face. She felt so much rage inside of her, she didn’t know how she could ever be friends with such a selfish person. She didn’t care if anything happened to him now, she half hoped that the strange woman Shandra would find him and kill him. She stopped walking and stared up at the night sky and saw a shooting star.
    “I wish Josh could feel the hurt that I am feeling right now,” Mauria said softly. For all their years together in Junior High and High School, she had always hoped that he had some feelings for her, the truth hurt far too much for her to bear.
    “I can arrange that,” a girl said walking out from behind a tree.
    “Who are you?” Mauria sniffled.
    “My name is Taylor and I’ve been trying to get rid of that woman for years, and with your help we can achieve both of our wishes,” She said leaning up against a tree. Mauria chuckled and ran her hand through her short hair.
    “Thanks but I was just venting and…”
    “You want him to hurt don’t you? No boy is worth your tears or your pain, if you join me I can see to it that it never happens again,” she said smiling. Mauria stared at her with disbelief, not knowing what the hell this girl was talking about.
    “What are you talking about?”
    “Look, both you and I know that there are things that go bump in the night, despite what your mommy and daddy spat out to get you to go back to sleep at night. I just happen to be one of those things,” Taylor said grinning flashing off her fangs. Mauria held her breath and jumped back.
    “Don’t worry, you’re not the one I want so I won’t hurt you or even change you. I’ll do you this favor, if you do one for me in return?”
    “I don’t want you to do anything for me,” Mauria said wrapping her arms around herself as the night air became chill.
    “Yes you do Mauria, I can read it in your eyes that this is what you crave. Vengence is a woman’s pure gift given to us by the mighty Medea.” Mauria stared into her blue eyes and knew she was right. She wanted to hurt Josh so badly it consumed her thoughts.
    “What do I have to do for you?” Mauria said her voice growing deep and dark.
    “Bring me the seer, you know who she is. You and your friends believe her to be strange, abnormal. Bring her to me tomorrow in the cemetery, I will be waiting,” Taylor said and disappeared from her sight.

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