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Sandy (theleprechaun) wrote,
@ 2003-11-12 21:52:00
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    not so much this time
    “Seriously Kacey, I sat in ketchup last night,” Josh said trying his all to convince her.
    “Ok whatever you say Josh, I’m going down stairs for a break. Anyone want to join me?” Kacey said with a sigh. Mauria closed her book and walked out of the room with Kacey.
    “Josh, was that really ketchup on your jacket?” Jenia whispered.
    “For the hundredth time yes!”
    “It’s just that you’ve been acting really weird all day. You’re starting to worry me,” She said softly sitting next to him on the bed. Josh continued to stare at the floor not answering his sister.
    “Josh come on. If anyone you should tell me, I’m your sister. You know you can trust me,” she said squeezing his shoulder lightly. She made a sound of disapproval and started to leave the room.
    “Jen…I think I might have seen something really bad last night,” Josh said in a hushed whisper. He closed his eyes as he felt the walls around him come crashing down. Jenia closed and locked the door before she came back to sit with him.
    “Was it that woman you spoke of this morning?”
    “Yes, I saw her kill someone last night. A little girl…” Josh moaned. Jenia gasped and put her hand up to her mouth.
    “A little girl? That’s horrible! Josh you have to go to the police about this,” Jenia said quickly.
    “No Jen I can’t! This woman is unlike any other person that I have met before. She’s extremely lethal and can move so quickly it made my head spin. And the little girl…I don’t know. She seemed inhuman, the way she growled and shrieked,” Josh said shivering from the memory of it all.
    “Josh, if you don’t go to the police I will!” Jenia protested.
    “Jen, don’t. If she found out she might kill you too!”
    “Then what are you going to do Josh? You can’t sit around for the rest of your life living in fear of this woman…”
    “I’m going back to the park tonight…”
    “No, I don’t think so…that’s suicide!”
    “It’s the only thing I can think of doing at this point,” Josh said shaking his head.

    Shandra stood inside of the tomb patiently waiting for the sun to set. She had not slept that night; her thoughts kept her mind alive and very awake. She didn’t understand why had told the mortal boy her name. It was against all of beliefs and everyone in the colony knew this. She would sooner be burned than have someone know of her real name. There was something very different about this boy; she felt a very strange pull towards him that she hadn’t felt in a long time.
    She closed her eyes as the sense of relief washed over her and her body did not feel so stiff. Slowly she pushed the door open and her senses came alive; a soft wind welcomed her into the night and she smiled. She looked up and her friend Luna was shining in all her beautiful glory. She stood in front of the tomb and a waited for the scent of a child but caught a different presence a very familiar one but not vampiric. Shandra put her sword back in it’s sheath and quietly ran forward weaving in out of the tombstones and as she caught site of a low hanging tree branch she jumped up and grabbed a hold of it with both of her hands. She braced herself as she swung her entire body into the tree.
    “He is looking for you,” Shandra jumped as she heard Rachele’s voice echoing off of the trees. She looked closer at the tree trunk and saw her friend’s face peeking out of the splintered wood. Within seconds Rachele’s whole body moved out of the tree and she was sitting next to her watching the ground.
    “Don’t do that, if you were anyone else I would have killed you,” Shandra said taking in a deep breath. Rachele laughed loudly and didn’t care to cover up her mouth as the sound was carried by the wind. Rachele opened her mouth to speak but Shandra held out her hand to silence her. She saw the boy from the night before walking towards them but he was not alone this time; he had a few friends with him who was talking rather loudly. Shandra winced at the noise; she always believed cemeteries should be quiet and respected. Rachele shook her head and a made a clucking sound with her tongue.
    “So who’s your mystery woman that you were so anxious for us to meet?” she heard one of the girls taunt. Shandra had a very bad feeling about this one; she badly wanted to hurt her but she contained herself.
    “She’s not my mystery girl Kacey, she’s a woman that I met last night and I need to talk to her about a few things ok? And you didn’t have to come, you invited yourself remember?” Josh said with much irritation.
    Rachele softly tapped Shandra on the shoulder to gain back her attention. She watched as her friend winked and slipped back into the tree. Shandra shook her head not wanting to know what she was up too. Rachele had a knack for playing cruel jokes on mortals, she fed off of their fear as if it were a powerful drug.
    “This is so stupid, I’m going home. I have better things to do with my time then search for a strange woman in a cemetery,” Garret groaned. He linked arms with Kacey and they walked out in the direction they had come from. Shandra watched as Josh and the other girl begin to talk quietly among themselves.
    “Josh, I’m going to go home as well. Be careful out here,” the girl said and quickly went to catch up with the others. Josh sighed heaveily and slumped his shoulders forward.
    “Josh,” she heard the wind moan. He glanced up looking all around him. Shandra hugged onto the tree, pressing her entire body against it and slid off the side until she was hanging upside down. She let her ankles free first and then dropped down to the ground soundlessly. She could hear Rachele’s laughter echoing in the nighttime air.
    “Shandra? Is that you? I know we don’t know each other very well but I need to talk with you,” Josh called out looking into the tree’s branches. She watched him from behind a nearby tree.
    “I know who you are.”
    “I wouldn’t go around sayin that very loudly If I were you,” Shandra said in a low whisper. She closed her eyes before she came out of the protection of the tree. Josh gasped and jumped back.
    “It’s you,” he said in awe.
    “What do you want?” Shandra ordered. She could hear Rachele snickering behind her. Josh looked at her with confusion as he racked his brain for the answer.
    “Why did you kill that little girl?” He asked.
    “She was only a child in your eyes but if you could see her through mine you would know the answer to that question,” she replied blandly.
    “What do you mean by that?”
    “I don’t have time to meddle with a child,” Shandra growled and turned to leave.
    “Who are you really Shandra O’Loughlin?” Josh called out with a quivering voice. Shandra stopped in mid track and before he could blink she had her hand on his throat and shoved him up against the tree.
    “That is a question you will not get an answer for?” She said pressing her thumb into his throat. Josh coughed and weakly fought against her.
    “Leave and never call on me again,” Shandra snarled. She jerked away from him and left him struggling for his breath. Rachele watched with great amusement as her friend stormed off to find her next victim. She slipped out of the tree and walked silently up to the boy. He looked up at her and opened his mouth to scream but she held out her hand to silence him.
    “Do not fret my dear boy, I will not harm thee. If you wish to know more about the lovely Shandra seek out the forest sprite who lives in these woods. Her name these days is Carrie but you cannot call her as easily it is to call one of us. You must catch her and she will grant you your wish,” Rachele said softly with a slight smirk. She took something out of her pocket and blew something into his eyes.
    “Sleep,” she whispered in his ear.

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