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Citan Uzuki (thegooddoctor) wrote,
@ 2003-06-18 15:52:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:Erasure - Breath of Life

    ~Perhaps our sleepmates are not so bad after all~
    I just had the pleasure of meeting Magus Zeal, our next door neighbor whom Sigurd has all but proclaimed, in his own words, a dick. (you did not hear that word coming from my mouth). It was funny actually because I wanted to talk with them about how we were going to divide the matter of bathroom cleanup. And so I knocked on the door and Magus answered quite abruptly.

    I can see why Sigurd would find the man intimidating.

    I stated my purpose, I did not beat around the bush and I think he looked shock before he smiled (It was a smile, though very faint) and said he was heartened to think that not everyone were pigs like his roommate.

    Needless to say we have a schedule now. We are in charge of cleanup every other week. Wiping down the shower and tub, cleaning the sinks and etc. Of course it is encouraged that people pick up after themselves, it will save quite a few time.

    We went into Magus's room and discussed it and I noticed that he was a big Divine Divinity player. (I am too.) and so I gave him my name and told him that if ever he wanted to go adventuring, I would be quite happy to play online with him.. That also surprised him though once again I -think- that he was pleased. It will not hurt to foster good diplomatic relations between our room and theirs.

    Ah, my ramen is ready says the beeping of the microwave. I do not know where Sigurd is though, no doubt with his brother. It is all well, though.. strangely I miss him. Does that sound wierd?

    Back to downloading some more Erasure and Spandau Ballet from Kazaa. That is arguably my favorite band for all of you that are curious.

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