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Crush (thecrushed) wrote,
@ 2003-07-26 11:47:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:Traci Lords - Fallen Angel

    Drowning in excess. Thoughts of suicide. Like a mirror you can’t hide. Fallen angel. Fallen angel .
    Honestly...I'm not sure what to say...or where to start. Everything is seriously FUCKED UP. Kevin moved out like two days ago and now he's moving back in (he showed up at work yesterday asking to borrow my house key). Work was a lot of fun last night. I was a little worred about my mom leaving me alone there with everyone but it was okay. No one treated me any different than if she woulda been there. So....Point one for Joey's, Stab one for Harvey's.

    Aaron ended up giving me a ride home last night, I got home around 10:40pm, so I missed Andrew even after I promised him I would be online. *stupid me* I felt really bad, I really wanted to talk to him. God knows why but I like the kid. *hearts for Andrew* I have to block him for tonight and most of tomorrow so I wanted to talk to him tonight. Poor kid. He's realllly gullible. He thinks Bri, Carla and me are going to a rave tonight called "Gatecrashers" *glomps Andrew* He even thinks I'm meeting up with some guy we call The Jumper Cables guy. It's totally gonna crush me to block him. Ah well.

    I work everyday next week.

    Mira almost kissed me at work yesterday. Not. Good. And her and I usually work together a lot...*eeps* Well...I guess my mom's gotta find out somehow.

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