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The Boho Kid (thebohokid) wrote,
@ 2004-10-27 22:42:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:The Calling - Wherever you will go

    Problems with Writing

    I adopted a cute lil' pikachu fetus
    from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!


    Do you ever find that when your perfectly content that you can never write a thing?

    I was just thinking that right now in the perfect and mellow state that I am at, I just can't even come up with a poem that I would like to write, or a story for that matter. I mean it seems that when I really feel like writing is when Im flying off the brink.

    But it makes me think the state of authors from the beginning of history, can you write when you are happy? I mean it seems like such nonsense, but the most infamous plays of Shakespeare are of tragedy and death. Even Harry Potter is about tragedy, the mere fact that Harry Potter is who is is because he is famous for destroying an evil lord. Who happened to KILL his parents. So ya, tragedy there too.

    But who would read a story with no tragedy at all?

    Is a story even the remotely interesting when there is no threat on society? When there is no one trying to achieve the imanagible of taking over the world?

    I guess that would simply make a story boring? You need a need a villain.

    Star Wars would not be Star Wars without Darth Vader, and Harry Potter would not be Harry Potter with out Lord Voldermort!!

    And on another note, I would just like to add to all those IDIOTS out there, that it is DARTH VADER not DARK VADER! Morons!! As I found out in my Villains class, most people think it is Dark.

    Anywho that concludes the rant of today.

    "Do or Do Not. There is no try."

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