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The Other Spooky (the_spookies) wrote,
@ 2004-01-01 00:24:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar on Me

    2004 has begun
    Hmmm, let's hope 2004 has more in store for me than 2003 did. I was looking at Holly's journal and she wrote about the stuff that happened in 2003, and me thoughts this was a good idea.

    January: V. happy working at the museum. Only downer was it was my last month there. I had grown acustomed to the smell of moth balls and that creepy buffalo head in the basement. It named it Ezekiel. It was the end of a semester and the beginning of homework hell. OAC History and geography proved to be more work than I though, go figure school meant work. meh. Holls was getting worse with the pacemaker pains and the wires poking into her ribs. She was still waiting for an appt. to get that fixed. This was also near the beginning of Shadowed Edge aka the BEST story on the planet. I could be slightly biased. Started the OBsession.

    February: My first Valentine's Day at Safeway. I didn't know Safeway was evil until they jacked up the prices of roses to $39.99. Not as hectic as I thought it would have been. And alas another Valentine's Day gone by sans boy-toy. hmpf. Holls went to Edmonton to get her pacemaker all fixed up. Everything went just fine but she was in a lot of pain when she got back. She had to rest for a long time and I reeaallly missed her. We're so close that I swear half my brain wouldn't work when she was gone, lol.

    March: Ummm, march break? Can't remember what I did... St. Patricks Day was great though.

    April: Boring

    May: Finally met the one and only Cindi. She spent, what two weeks here? I think. Anyway she was here which was cool cause it was mine and Holly's birthday. I turned 19 and she turned 20, we went to Holly's and had a fun sleepover.

    June: Finished high school for good. Nuf said.

    July: Work, work, work. Bugged Holly for updates.

    August: Crystal's birthday, she turned 20. I got her, ummm... I can't believe I can't remember. Was it the steering wheel cover? Or was that the year before? We had loads of fun but it was sad cause it was very close to when Crystal was going to move away. Bugged Holly for updates.

    September: Started working at Safeway way more often cause I was not going to school. Many fun days with Holly and Crystal. Expanded my horizons by writing my own lost chapters. Apparently getting very good at it too, just need to let go a little bit more. There are some words I'm just not comfortable using yet, but give me time.

    October: Sad month. Crystal moved away and Holly was going to Georgia. But they wouldn't let her cross the border to US so she had to drive all the way back home. That sucked big time cause she was so looking forward to spending time with Cindi then it just back fired. Oh, found out I had a lost chapter but then it got lost. :( poo.

    November: Crazy work month, got called in like every second day which made it harder for me to be able to see my friends. Finally had our trip to Winnipeg, Holls, Crys and I. Had sooooooooooo much fun, I swear best time of my life... grumpiness aside. Bugged Holly for more updates and lost chapter. :D

    December: Home. Safeway. Home. Safeway. Yep that was pretty much the whole month. Oh but the greatest Shadowed Edge update arose in this month, the long awaited kiss between Scar and Orli. Yes, I think I was the only eageraly waiting for that one. Still planning the Post-Christmas Hoopla Parté: Version 0.3

    Take notice there is no mentioning boys anywhere. But that's because the gods think it's funny to see me miserable and bitter. There were a few crushes along the way but circumstances beyond my control got in the way. Sad really, some of them were v. cute.

    May 2004 bring me joy, happiness, good grades and good shags. hehe. kidding... or am I??


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