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cassandra (maxxpower) wrote in the_secret_bash,
@ 2003-08-29 01:35:00
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    Current mood: annoyed

    Take Em All!!!!! Put Up Agaisnt The Wall.....And Shoot Em
    My friend dragged me to Ameoba Records today....I fucking hate that place. Why!? you may ask....for example.....the scene sluts that hang about that place looking to find obscure records...the ones that look through EVERY get something that will suck ass....and will eventually be returned as to get new music that will also probally suck ass. Thats why theres nothing but indie rock and Back Street boys in the used sections!!! very rarely have I returned a punk/oi c.d...why? Cause punk doesn't suck thats why!!!!! When you look through the used section all you see is returned Saves The Day alblums. It makes me sick. Another reason why I hate that place is because THEY ...and I think you know who I'm reffering what your picking up. There always looking...watching....jugding. I swear to god I saw some indie brat out of the corner of my eye look/judge an alblum I was looking at.....I don't care if it was a used 80's hair metal comp....Def Lepperd is a good band!!!!! sorry if I don't like Sleater Kinny....which SUCKS ASS!!! stupid fucking art school posuer rock. Fuck all that shit....that ain't rock and roll. And by the way...Bikini Kill sounds like a less intellegent rip off of X Ray Spex. Fucking stupid ass riot girls thinking there feminist when there really just another group of slutty girls that joined a band to be cool.

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