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dazed and confused (the_hotness) wrote,
@ 2003-09-04 21:50:00
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    Current mood: pleased
    Current music:Adema cd

    so yeah.....I haven't updated in forever.There's some new stuff goin on I guess.I started school and its alot cooler than I was expecting it to be.I actually kind of like going now....except today when I skipped 4th period w/ Shawn,Ashley, and was fun though.I also have a boyfriend...his name is Josiah.He's pretty cute,he looks like Steve-O from Jackass only Josiah's skinnier.He's a frickin' stick man...I feel like such a cow going out w/ someone that skinny but oh well,I'll get over it.He was acting kinda weird today at lunch when I told him I was skipping so I don't know if he was mad that he wasn't going or if something else was bothering him.He has this habit of running off to hang out w/ his friends and ditching me which really pissed me off today but I haven't said anything to him about it because its probably just a stupid high school guy thing that even if I talk to him it won't change anything.So....yeah.I'm tired of having fucked up relationships and I really want to try to make this one work.The whole Bill thing is over because I found out he's been trying to get back w/ his ex behind my back.I find it kind of interesting how he bitched at me about hiding things from him and kept going on and on about how he tells me everything and I should do the same and shit but then the very next day I find this shit out..........FUCKIN' LYING PIECE OF SHIT.From the sounds of it not even his ex wants him back.I wonder why,William.........But yeah anywayz.Besides that everything is going really good and I'm glad all the negative energy is out of my life for right now....I'm doing good in school,actually going to school(HAHA),have a boyfriend who for the most part everything is going really well w/,meeting some pretty cool people,have a cool job.....yeah I'd say I'm doin' pretty damn good right now.

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