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Dawn Summers (dawn_summers) wrote in the_hellmouth,
@ 2003-09-14 14:54:00
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    it's been a very long time since I've updated -- my fault I know, turned myself into miss avoidy. Everything's so -- messed up now a days, Buff and Spike -
    - I hate to admit it but them together? makes me oddly -- happy. There is no reason that people who care about one another shouldn't be
    together. My sister goes through enough heartache with her 'job' as is. Faith and Angel Jr.? unlikely and odd couple-ing, but I know faith and she gets this
    look in her eye when Connor comes around ... sheds some of her hard assness, she'd never own up to it but she does.

    *sighs, cracking her neck* Then we come to the Andrew situation. I screwed up, I was mad and scared and just a -- mixed up ball of emotion, I needed
    someone and the person I needed wasn't there so ... I whored myself on the only guy who was. It's not fair to Andrew or to Xandie. I guess I'm not as
    'grown up' and adult decision makey as I thought.

    Xander I'm sorry ... I just.. I hope you know I love you with everything I have and everything I am....

    ...I'm sorry to --- everyone. I dont get why I cant just get my act together. I put on this front like I'm tough like I can handle my shit, when inside? I'm just
    a scared.... needy girl.

    [[OOC:: I'm really sorry I 'died' on Dawn and this rpg, it will never happen again but please understand the past 4 to 5 months have been hell, my mom
    was diagnosed with cancer .. and i was the only one there to take care of her, feed her, inject medication -- she died the 15th of august and.. just -- I'm
    sorry. It wont.. happen again. I love this char, always have/. ]]

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