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Spike (_passions__fan_) wrote in the_hellmouth,
@ 2003-08-25 19:17:00
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    Current mood:amused
    Current music:Common Rotation - Post Modern (hey.. it could happen ;x)

    :blinks. . . shrugging, he figured Blurty is a place he hasn't been in awhile . . so yeah, here we go:

    I don't get how these bloody humans can wear a turtle neck shirt. It's like being strangled by some of those really, really weak demon buggers all day long. :grumbles, pulling at the turtle neck . . since it was the only thing in the wash he could find: The hell with it- :rips it off, tossing it aside, going back to the keyboard:

    So. . . Buffy and I went. . . "out" . . last night . . . I guess we're er. . calling it a . . "date" . . ? Or. . . something . .

    Right. Well. . . we went to see this movie . . "Wrong Turn" or something . . . which the main character had an uncanny resemblance to Faith, or maybe I'm making up things but that's what I bloody saw. . . right well. . . we somehow spent that whole however many hours complaining about the fight sceenes and fake gore . . and uh doing other . . things. . . :shifty eyes..:

    A few kids stopped to oogle and try and touch my hair as we were walking back to the house. . . I don't get it. Why the bloody hell . . . right.

    Overall, I thought it went well . . . someone may disagree.

    As well as I tried to hide it I have been. . . 'up'? . . with a lot of the sodding pop cult references. And something has been bugging the bloody hell outta me . . in Britian now, I've heard, they don't have Smokey the sodding bear as our 'forest fire prevention' mascot.

    Brit's is Smacky. The bloody frog.

    'Course I'm a Brit, but who gives a sod now since I'm apparently living in Ohio so I don't give a bug about making fun of their 'forest fire prevention' sodding mascot.

    So here I go with my thoughts on this. . .why am I even bothering? Because I sodding want to, and apparently being alive gives me 'rights' of some sort.

    For one, a FROG? A sodding frog? Now I haven't had many encounters with the sort, but when I have I DON'T believe I've said "Oh look, there's a frog, I should play dead". They're not scary little buggers, nor are they bears. Bears are more scary. Although nothing really scares me - least of all a bear - but to most of the li'l wimpy humans they scare them.

    I remember back when I was a li'l tyke. . . yeah, I can actually remember back then . . :rolls his eyes: My mom . . . :pauses.. remembering all that happened with her.. shaking his head, he found his 'strength' and kept typing: . . she used to take me to this li'l creek place down by where we lived . . anyway. There'd always be frogs there. . . and anytime I'd see one, I wouldn't bloody shriek in horror and go "OH, there's a FROG!" it'd always be optimistic, as in "Ooh, there's a frog. Maybe it will hop on over and sit beside me. I will pet it." Frogs were always sodding cool, not scary.

    . . . so I don't get it, is all I'm saying. Why a frog for Britain's 'forest fire prevention mascot'?

    :shrugs, deciding he got confusing enough so he just clicked 'update' and logged off

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