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ASS i rAm (the_doors_) wrote,
@ 2004-01-24 15:46:00
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    Current mood: relieved
    Current music:Led Zeppelin--"All of my Love"

    Alys Birthday
    School was such a waste of time on friday. I had to go to make up a science standard and take a stupid Romeo & Juliet test. I passed science! Thank you Beans for giving me the answers to that test, if it wasnt for you, I would be failing. Okay, so after I did that science thing at the beginig of lunch, Beans, Rose and I checked Aly out from school and took her to lunch at the Deli Stop for her birthday lunch! It was soo fun! My mom made us get these garlic fries...she was the only one who ate them. We met Darryl and Ryan there but Darryl left. So we ate our lunch and Aly opend her girft and we just sat around and watched all the middle schoolers prance around. We droped off Alys stuff at Rosies house and then took Aly back to school. Rose and I had to piss like no other so we sprinted into the ghetto bathrooms in Black Mountian and pee'd. That was by far the longest piss I took in a long time. So then Rose, Ryan and Myself waited for like 20 minutes for school to get out and we waited for my mommy to pick us up.

    I had two basketball games so I didnt finish up til like 7:30, and I arrived at Roses casa at 8-ish. I was surprised becase I didnt think so many people were going to be over. It was Ryan, Rose, Aly, David, Payam, Catherine, Me, Brett, Thanh and some russian kid. We just watched movies and played ping pong. Me and Rose liekd watching Brett and the russian lay guitar...theryre sOO good! The russian played "The Rain Song" which was a very nice tune. Him and Brett played some Doors songs for me too and that made me smile :D Then Rose and I watched this gross movie called Seven but got sick of it and intoxicated ourselves. Then we watched Thanh and Payam be girls. After everyone left we all sat in Roses room and listend to music. I was really tierd, and my nose was getting stuffy, so I thought it would be smart to get to bed...but in the front room becuase Aly and Ryan and Catherine were sleeping in Roses room and I didnt wanna be in there. Me and Rose slept in the front room all cold. Aly left early this morning with Catherine becuase she was sick! :C Hope you feel better Aly!!! So Ryan and Rose and myself had a pleasent morning eating cupcakes and sitting around. :D

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