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ASS i rAm (the_doors_) wrote,
@ 2004-01-11 20:54:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:The Doors--"Peace Frog"

    My boring weekend.
    My weekend was kinda lame, but I feel like writing.
    I was feeling really lethargic that day and I woke up at like noon. I showerd for like a really long time and just sat on my butt for a few hours. I decided to watch Dazed and Confused by myself in my room for a while....but then Joey joined me. Damnit, can't I watch a movie by myself anymore? Not that I don't lke my borther but its like.....I need to be alone sometimes, and I was in a bitchy mood that morning. Annyways....Aly Poo came over like in the middle of the movie and we finished watching it. She gave me some pictures form our trip from LA. HAHAHAHAHA THEY WERE SOO FUNNY! Hah, yeah there were some good ones from New Years too! Oh man hahahaha, Ill bring them to school maybe to show everyone. I still have to get mine developed.

    Then we just sat around my room listening to the Velvet Underground becuase Aly likes them. She put on my black scarf and soem funky 70's glasses and added a flower to her hair. She is weeeeird! Then, when you think she can't get anymore weird, she starts prancing around my room with her arms waving in the air. I thought it look fun, so I popped in some HANSON and danced along with her! :D It was splendid!!! Then we ate cake! mmmmmm cake! Rosie joined us and we watced Dazed and Confused again! Tnen Aly POO had to leave and me and Rose just listend to some music and looked at stuff on e-bay and stuff. We found some really cool ivintage shirts on this one site. I'm deturmined to get that Johnny Thunders shirt I saw AND the shirt that said "Spank it! Lick it! Stick it in it!" I think I'll just save my money and make that shirt. Hahaha me and Rose were on the floor laughing when we saw that shirt. Oh man, it was great!

    I updated my Degrassi journal! And I sent Beans some d-mails. Wooo hooo Degrassi journals are soo much better than these stupid blurty's man! Especiialy mine, it looks soo ugly right now, but my grassi is by far the coolest thing you'll ever see! Ok...then I wondered around my house for like an hour in my p.j's and didnt eat. Beans came over and we watched Dazed and Confused (can never get sick of that movie)and we ate cake. My mom makes really good cake by the way :-D And we went in my room and listend to music. Beans was online a lot and I was getting loopy. Kinda sucked cuaase she kept throwing my slipper at my face! I didnt even do anything but hide under the covers and she got all weird and fell on my legs and hit me with the chair! Shes a nut case. Then we ate chinese for dinner, and it was very gOOd! Watched DEGRASSI AND THE DOORS! and now she is gone, and the weekend is done.

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