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Rhiaa (th1nk_p1nk) wrote,
@ 2003-05-30 21:49:00
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    Long Time
    Forgot About My Journal For Awhile.Lots To Catch Up On.
    Well After Alicias Party We Havn't Spoken At All.Danny And I Have Kinda Drifted Away From Each Other Since The Last Time I Wrote In Here.Partly Because Of The New People Me And Kim Have Started To Hang Around With.They Dont Like Him Really At All And Tend To Put Him Down Alot.Kim And I Stay Out Of It But I Guess He Feels Uncomfortable.Him And Kim Were Seeing Each Other For Awhile But Danny Being Danny Fuked Her Around And That Ended Nearly As Fast As It Started.
    She Was Seeing Matt,The Guy From Her Sisters 18th Not Long Before That Happened.Didn't Last Because He Lives So Far Away.Then She Finally Hooked Up With John.John Thinks Hes A Player So He Also Fucked Her Around.Then She Was Seeing Tim.What Can I Say,All Guys Are The Same.
    While All This Was Going On With Kim I Was Seeing This Really Nice Guy Matt.He Had A Bad Brake Up With His Last Girlfriend Which He Calms He Still Loves.So Me And Matt Didn't Last Long.Him And His Girlfriend Are Going Back Out But We Have Stayed Really Close Friends.I Still Have Feelings For Him But It Didn't Seem Right To Stay With Someone Who Had Feelings For Another Person.I've Met His Girlfriend,Kylie.Shes A Goth.Really Nice Girl,You Could Say Abit To Nice But I Like Her For What Its Worth.
    Tom Has Asked Me Out About 3 Times Now Which Really Spun Me Out.Hes Like My Bestfriend,I Couldn't Being Myself To Go Out With Him.Plus Hes Not My Type.
    Amela And Lanie Have Split From The Group,Thankgod.I Love Amela Still Because I Know Shes A Good Person At Heart Although I Dislike What She Has Chosen To Become,Up Tight And Self Centered.
    Kim And I Have Had Some Rough Times Recently,Although Everything Seems To Be Going Back To Normal Again.She Was Getting Very Selfish And Controling At One Stage But I Let My Veiws Be Heared And She Woke Up To Herself.
    I Hadn't Seen My Dad For About 3 Months Until Today.He Came Around To Pick Up My Little Sister.He Said Hello And Goodbye.Not Much Talking,There Never Really Is.I Dont Have Much To Say To Him.Its My Birthday On Sunday And I Wonder If He Will Remember And Call.He Probably Wont.He Never Calls Unless He Wants To Take Me,Bridie And Jesse Out Because There Is A Family Gathering.A Family Gathering To My Dad Is,Lets Drag My Children Down To Some Bowling Club Down The Road From My Mothers And Pretend Like Were All One Happy Loving Family.Its Depressing Growing Up Knowing That In Your Dads Eyes Your Just For Show.When Iam Forced To Go To Things Like This He Probably Speaks To Me Once The Whole Night.That One Sentance Being "Rhiannon,Smile And Act Happy.Ok?".Though These Days He Dosen't Even Ring To Invite Me To These Family Gatherings.I Think Its Because I've Facial Peircings I'm Not The Eye Candy I Used To Be.
    Oh Well,Bridie Is Still 12.He Can Use Her For Awhile Now,Give Me A Rest.
    Its Only Been 15 Years.

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