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does it matter? ask if you must. (tforlornhope) wrote,
@ 2004-02-17 20:09:00
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    Current mood: dorky
    Current music:Dynamite Hack-BOYS IN DA HOOD

    la dee da cause the boys in the hood are always hard come talkin' that trash and we'll pull your card knowin nothin in life but to be lajit? dont call me a boy i aint said SHIT! dynamite hack covering EZ E, yeah, that guy who died of AIDS

    Dr. Mark<333 i think he freaked out a couple times but hey i love the guy<3 this is from yesturday

    MINKUS (7:29:09 PM): hey
    TForlornHope (7:29:14 PM): hey
    MINKUS (7:29:20 PM): whats up
    TForlornHope (7:29:27 PM): nothing really
    TForlornHope (7:29:30 PM): and you?
    MINKUS (7:30:34 PM): jsut chill at was your weekend?
    TForlornHope (7:31:26 PM): perfect! but i wont get into was yours? i noticed you had a "love sucks" away message so....
    MINKUS (7:32:03 PM): so that means love sucks!!
    TForlornHope (7:32:38 PM): hmm
    TForlornHope (7:33:01 PM): did you have a bad weekend?
    MINKUS (7:33:39 PM): yup
    TForlornHope (7:34:06 PM): i'm sorry, what happened?
    MINKUS (7:36:04 PM): all my friends got in a big fight friday night..then i didn't hang out with a girl saturday night..and sunday sucked because there was nohting to do..and i still didnt' hang out with a now im super horny and have no one to make out with :-(
    TForlornHope (7:36:56 PM): awwwwww thats sucks
    MINKUS (7:37:15 PM): yup..but im glad you had suck a great weekend
    MINKUS (7:37:20 PM): such*
    TForlornHope (7:37:20 PM): poor horny you has no one to make out with........that makes me sad:-(
    TForlornHope (7:37:39 PM): haha you're a funny one.
    MINKUS (7:38:06 PM): why are you had a good weekend..i don't want to bring you down..then i would be sad
    TForlornHope (7:39:02 PM): no, you dont bring me down, dont worry about it.
    MINKUS (7:39:13 PM): k
    TForlornHope (7:39:17 PM): but why dont you show up on my bl?????????????
    MINKUS (7:40:41 PM): because im hidden...i can do that
    TForlornHope (7:40:55 PM): oooooohhhhhhhhh why?
    MINKUS (7:42:59 PM): i dont' know because i can
    TForlornHope (7:43:32 PM): hmmm ok. trying to avoid someone????
    MINKUS (7:45:00 PM): no sometimes i just like to be away or thats what im doing..whenever i get down i just like to run away so thats what i do
    TForlornHope (7:45:39 PM): you shouldnt run away
    MINKUS (7:46:06 PM): im just hidding right now
    TForlornHope (7:46:39 PM): okay.
    TForlornHope (7:47:38 PM): hey, i'm gonna blow like $200 dollars on CDs and shit tomorrow......what CDs should i get???
    MINKUS (7:48:52 PM): umm coheed and cambria....ever we fall...away from here...umm damn..i don't know
    TForlornHope (7:50:14 PM): okay i'll look for those. thanks
    MINKUS (7:50:46 PM): sorry im horny...can't think of music right now
    TForlornHope (7:51:37 PM): dont worry about it. is it just my imagination or do you only talk to me when you're horny????
    MINKUS (7:52:28 PM): haha no..i wanted to know how your v-day was...becaue you always seem down...i wanted to make sure you were ok
    TForlornHope (7:53:19 PM): ohh ok:-)
    TForlornHope (7:54:14 PM): but i dont mind you talking to me when you'rre horny or anything, i love talking to you:-)
    TForlornHope (7:54:39 PM): hey brb
    MINKUS (7:54:43 PM): k

    i dont know or remembered what happened here :-( but heres the rest...i know i know i should stop putting IMS in here maybe this'll be the last one :-X

    TForlornHope (9:13:16 PM): hello again, still got that umm problem?
    MINKUS (9:13:34 PM): umm not really..its gone down..why do you ask?
    TForlornHope (9:14:00 PM): i dont know j/w
    MINKUS (9:14:22 PM): oh ok
    TForlornHope (9:15:37 PM): ooooo gotyour own icons now?
    MINKUS (9:16:25 PM): yup..if you to the web site you can have one too
    TForlornHope (9:17:02 PM): oooo i'll be sure to do that when my computer isnt being gay
    MINKUS (9:17:21 PM): k
    TForlornHope (9:27:15 PM): hey wanna see some old ass uuggllyy pictures????
    MINKUS (9:27:25 PM): sure
    TForlornHope (9:27:48 PM): okie dokely go here
    MINKUS (9:28:54 PM): aww your such a cute girl
    TForlornHope (9:29:08 PM): eeewww no way i hate those pics
    TForlornHope (9:31:39 PM): 'cept my icons i <3 those
    MINKUS (9:32:00 PM): haha i like them too
    TForlornHope (9:38:40 PM): alls i need are some finding nemo icons and i'll die happy:-)
    MINKUS (9:38:57 PM): haha then go look for some
    TForlornHope (9:39:33 PM): i am
    TForlornHope (9:41:03 PM): god, i think i'm hyper, i hate being hyper cause then i get said when hyper goes away and being sad is always pretty depressing then depression is gay and i dont wanna be you think i'm gay? gets thrown around out here alot it doesnt even mean "gay" anymore its more like "idiot" or "stupid" instead of homo...
    TForlornHope (9:42:20 PM): ahh  the english language is so gay......see there i go... gay...GAY GAY GAY...BLAHH....i know gay people....girls mostly....they like girls...but yeah thats what gay la la...i need finding nemo...did you know i watch that movie everyday
    TForlornHope (9:42:27 PM): bu one day i didnt and i got sad
    TForlornHope (9:42:33 PM): sad is stupid
    TForlornHope (9:42:38 PM): i hate stupid and sad and gay
    TForlornHope (9:42:43 PM): i hate lots of things
    MINKUS (9:42:46 PM): same here..boys here wearing tight girls i do..and jocks think were all gay..because we can run around holding hands with a boy..hhah
    TForlornHope (9:43:41 PM): haha totally i have like maybe 2 guy friends who dont wear tight girl jeans
    TForlornHope (9:43:47 PM): i love that i think its so hot
    MINKUS (9:44:23 PM): damn have you seen the can see me wearing them in the pictures
    TForlornHope (9:44:40 PM): oooo really???
    TForlornHope (9:44:47 PM): hottness<3
    TForlornHope (9:46:12 PM): hot: hair that goes just past the ears but doesnt touch shoulders (much) tight jeans ahhh hurley<33 volcom<33 element<33 all that good stuff...tight jeans...muahaha...
    MINKUS (9:46:42 PM): haha then thats me!
    TForlornHope (9:47:06 PM): aaahhhhhh really?!?!?!?!?!????? thats so hot!
    TForlornHope (9:50:03 PM): GOD, do you know how many girls dont give a rats ass about looks as long as they have all that good stuff up there and a personality! its kinda wierd cause theyll like go up to people who are hot and throw themselves at them and be making out with them by the end of the night?...
    TForlornHope (9:50:15 PM): its wierd...
    TForlornHope (9:50:47 PM): kinda sluttly the way people do it sometimes but hey it works for them so i leave them alone
    MINKUS (9:50:56 PM): damn really..i want to come live with you
    TForlornHope (9:51:38 PM): haha, i only know like 4 people like that who i hang around with but i try to avoid them sometimes
    TForlornHope (9:52:28 PM): its a bit too much dont you think? i mean, you can be wearing the same jeans and a tight hurley shirt and you'll have 5 girls all over you...
    TForlornHope (9:52:52 PM): same jeans as the girl*******
    MINKUS (9:53:58 PM): haha its not that bad..girls love it...and all i would have to say to them is "hey im in a band called blah blah blah" then they'll be eating right out of my bassist did it this weekend with 3 girls
    TForlornHope (9:54:36 PM): haha wow
    TForlornHope (9:56:06 PM): yeah people in bands get the most friend even said "even if you're the ugliest guy on earth *cough cough that guy from TEN* you'll get girls like no one else"
    TForlornHope (9:56:22 PM): whats his name?....joe?
    MINKUS (9:57:01 PM): the other guitar player..with the red hair?
    TForlornHope (9:57:12 PM): yeah
    TForlornHope (9:57:22 PM): i think its joe..
    TForlornHope (9:59:25 PM): yeah i'm all shaky:-\...WHY?!?
    MINKUS (9:59:46 PM): you need to chill
    TForlornHope (10:00:21 PM): hmmm i suppose
    TForlornHope (10:00:42 PM): like inhale exhale? or run outside naked chill?
    MINKUS (10:01:02 PM): run outside naked chill
    MINKUS (10:01:11 PM): but your in AZ its not cold
    TForlornHope (10:01:15 PM): ohh ok
    TForlornHope (10:01:37 PM): not to you but when you live with 3 digit weather and it gets like 70 its fucking cold!
    MINKUS (10:02:02 PM): yeah well its 12 here
    TForlornHope (10:02:16 PM): AAAHHHH
    TForlornHope (10:02:22 PM): crazy
    TForlornHope (10:02:48 PM): wow thats cold...i remember it hailed once...when i was like 8
    TForlornHope (10:03:23 PM): blahh ok well brb
    TForlornHope (10:07:45 PM): that was quite refreshing dr. mark!
    MINKUS (10:07:59 PM): haha
    TForlornHope (10:08:11 PM): you dont believe me do you??
    MINKUS (10:08:40 PM): haha did you really??
    TForlornHope (10:08:48 PM): well yeah i wasnt naked! i was topless HAHAHA this car passed by and i ran was honking it was the best
    TForlornHope (10:08:53 PM): yes, why wouldnt i?
    TForlornHope (10:09:00 PM): i have a witness
    MINKUS (10:09:14 PM): really who?
    TForlornHope (10:09:32 PM): that dude in the car and my friend!
    TForlornHope (10:09:47 PM): muahaha take me to court! i'll prove it to you!
    MINKUS (10:09:56 PM): haha alright alright
    TForlornHope (10:10:37 PM): you know what?? one day when i get a camera i'll take pictures of me doing it again! muahaha cant beat that can you??
    TForlornHope (10:10:40 PM): CAN YOU?!?!
    MINKUS (10:11:00 PM): nope..tee hee
    TForlornHope (10:11:14 PM): muahah thats right you CANT!
    TForlornHope (10:11:50 PM): holy shit theres this quiznos sub commercial and it have like cartoony deformed rats on it playing a geetar and singing HAHAHAHAHA ITS THE BEST
    TForlornHope (10:11:58 PM): HAS*******
    MINKUS (10:12:52 PM): i hate the commercail..i really do..its so blah...blah meaning stupid
    MINKUS (10:13:00 PM): well more then stupid
    TForlornHope (10:13:05 PM): yeah i know thats why its so great
    MINKUS (10:13:10 PM): like super stupid
    TForlornHope (10:13:18 PM): doesnt it just make you want to like NEVER eat there?!?!
    TForlornHope (10:13:26 PM): its the best
    MINKUS (10:14:20 PM): i will never EAT there
    TForlornHope (10:14:57 PM): i know neither will i, NIETHER WILL I!
    TForlornHope (10:15:27 PM): hmmm 50 cent has horse teeth
    TForlornHope (10:15:45 PM): i ahet that jessica simpson video....i think shes so ugly
    TForlornHope (10:15:48 PM): hate************
    MINKUS (10:16:18 PM): haha
    TForlornHope (10:17:00 PM): i saw 2, count 'em 2 movies today!
    TForlornHope (10:17:15 PM): and that jessica cimpson video like 38963478543 times
    TForlornHope (10:17:16 PM): yuck
    TForlornHope (10:17:27 PM): simpson*********88
    MINKUS (10:17:30 PM): what movie....OH WHAT MOVIES??
    TForlornHope (10:17:43 PM): the SANDLOT AND JOHN Q!!!
    TForlornHope (10:17:55 PM): and part of the 5 sec of it!
    MINKUS (10:18:45 PM): oh why not the whole thing
    TForlornHope (10:19:17 PM): cause it wasnt really the was like some "i love the 80s" thing on TV
    MINKUS (10:20:00 PM): oh ok
    TForlornHope (10:20:14 PM): do you <3 that movie?
    MINKUS (10:20:44 PM): yup i own
    MINKUS (10:20:46 PM): it
    TForlornHope (10:21:32 PM): hehe thats awesome. hmm i dont usually buy movies...they always get scratched because everyone grabs them and shit
    TForlornHope (10:21:34 PM): so gay
    MINKUS (10:22:10 PM): why do  you let them
    MINKUS (10:22:17 PM): be like fuck off
    TForlornHope (10:22:27 PM): like poor donnie darko got broken into pieced cause gay ass david and jesse were playing frizbee
    TForlornHope (10:22:41 PM): people are gay, they get them when i dont know.
    MINKUS (10:22:59 PM): fuck them all!!
    MINKUS (10:23:05 PM): kill them!
    TForlornHope (10:23:10 PM): but no one ever EVER touched my finding nEMO!
    TForlornHope (10:23:15 PM): i wish i could!
    TForlornHope (10:23:45 PM): steph says i only like finding nEMO cause it says "emo"...muahaha isnt that ghetto?
    TForlornHope (10:24:34 PM): AHH fucking...ahhh who was it?...oh yes, KANDI, she got me to say "ghetto" and "yo" all the time now...blahh
    TForlornHope (10:25:13 PM): but shes my gangster bitch<3333
    MINKUS (10:25:44 PM): HAHA
    TForlornHope (10:28:19 PM): blahhh but she drinks too much...itll be like 4:30 in the AM and shes be like "hey.....come pick me up...*BARF*"
    TForlornHope (10:28:20 PM): eww
    MINKUS (10:29:06 PM): blah..gross
    TForlornHope (10:29:39 PM): i know, i try not to surround myself with drinking and smoking but hey you know how kids are....HAHA.
    TForlornHope (10:30:29 PM): you dont smoke do you?
    TForlornHope (10:30:42 PM): i HATE smoking...its so gross... i think i can stand drinking more than smoking...ewww just GROSS.
    TForlornHope (10:31:36 PM): HUH HUH HUH??? DO YA? DO YA? DO YA???
    MINKUS (10:31:48 PM): noooooooooo way
    MINKUS (10:31:50 PM): why would i
    MINKUS (10:31:53 PM): oh wait
    MINKUS (10:31:59 PM): if i wanted to die i would
    MINKUS (10:32:02 PM): HAHAHAAH!!!
    TForlornHope (10:32:13 PM): haha yeah fucking cancer sticks, yo.
    TForlornHope (10:32:27 PM): oooo that was totally from the outsiders....
    TForlornHope (10:32:33 PM): moving on.
    MINKUS (10:32:58 PM): yup
    TForlornHope (10:33:20 PM): i wanna go to a show:-(
    TForlornHope (10:33:43 PM): oooo i wanna go to that callifornia show with all those bands that would be so sweet
    MINKUS (10:34:25 PM): haha i wish i could go to cali too
    TForlornHope (10:35:27 PM): oh oh oh yes! that would be the best to go to california...mmmm just imagine! all those great bands....*drool*....i wanna go so bad!
    TForlornHope (10:35:33 PM): i hope i get too
    TForlornHope (10:35:51 PM): to******888
    MINKUS (10:36:11 PM): yeah me to..i need to go somewhere warm
    TForlornHope (10:36:46 PM): yeah...i dont know what i would do with weather like can barely imagine it.
    MINKUS (10:37:41 PM): its sooooooooooo cold outside in the morning..the only thing warm is the sun..and sometimes that doesn't show
    TForlornHope (10:38:09 PM): crazy..
    TForlornHope (10:38:54 PM): hey, is your band emo???
    MINKUS (10:39:13 PM): yup
    TForlornHope (10:39:30 PM): ooooo awesome. do you guys SUCK?
    TForlornHope (10:39:33 PM): haha j/k
    TForlornHope (10:40:21 PM): ahhhh delicous emo boys<3 gotta love it
    TForlornHope (10:42:11 PM): not much you can say to that haha.
    TForlornHope (10:42:16 PM): i wish it would rain
    MINKUS (10:43:07 PM): yeah you love the rain
    TForlornHope (10:43:25 PM): yeah i do
    TForlornHope (10:43:57 PM): i <<<<3333333333333 the rain
    TForlornHope (10:44:29 PM): more than lots of things maybe even more than joel! :-X
    TForlornHope (10:44:50 PM): nahhh no way i love him<333
    TForlornHope (10:45:25 PM): AND YOU!!!
    TForlornHope (10:45:50 PM): AND LOTS OF THINGS!
    TForlornHope (10:46:28 PM): i wonder if i hate more tihngs or love more things....hmm....i think i'll make a list tonight!
    MINKUS (10:47:19 PM): good..send it to me when your done
    TForlornHope (10:47:56 PM): why?? are you pondering what i'm pondering?
    TForlornHope (10:48:02 PM): wow....thats lots of things
    TForlornHope (10:48:05 PM): ok i will
    TForlornHope (10:48:19 PM): if i dont fall asleep!
    TForlornHope (10:48:50 PM): god i SUCK at staying up now
    TForlornHope (10:48:52 PM): fucking gay
    TForlornHope (10:49:47 PM): hmmm well i guess i better get started on that list!!
    TForlornHope (10:50:04 PM): talk to you tomorrow!!<<<<3333333
    MINKUS (10:50:09 PM): k night
    TForlornHope (10:50:13 PM): BYE!!! GOODNIGHT!!

    god, do i always sound that pathetic and like an obssesive compulsive person???? shit, yo. i HATE that jessica simpsons video. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA last nights simpsons was the best<333 hahahahahahaha it was great with that jewish dance-a-ma-bob...HAHAHA it wasthe best<3333

    oh yeah valerie and valerie were walking around "talking" i swear i'm begginging to hate them i cant stand it when i lose friends. i know i had been losing for quite some time already but god, why?! i needed to get away from them anyway...i think it was angela and ashley and some other chicks i stayed with uggh and vannessa shes ok i guess but man does she eat :-X

    I am writing to you at 8:31 in the PM

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