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Teves Syndrome (tevessyndrome) wrote,
@ 2004-08-17 04:21:00
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    Current mood:nauseated
    Current music:Her's breathing while she sleeps. :) Beautiful.

    Day 2: It was funny, I guess. But someone should have died, seriously.
    Today me and Her woke up at 9 and just layed in bed untill 2. I could tell she was depressed or something because the way she was talking. When ever she's sad it's usually because of relationship stuff or about time going by so slow and how she wants to be older. So, usually that's all she talks about when she's sad. There's no hiding it.
    She wore a dress today. It was beautiful. I think she should wear them more often. She only wore one today because she was doing laundry. So while she was doing that I went to the skatepark to see what was happening down there.
    I found out she's going out with that Nick guy. I'm extremely jealous but I'm not going to do anything about it. I'm terribly scared though because Her and I both know that she's not ready for another relationshit. It's been a couple days since they started going out and already the headaches and depression is kicking in. Soon she'll be totally insane again and ruin the whole thing, then later she's going to torment herself because it was her fault in the first place....then later get over it and THEN repeat the process by getting another boyfriend too soon.
    Today people were wondering where she was. I knew she was going to be happy that I told her that because she was telling me how no one would care if she disappeared. Once she didn't talk to anyone or leave the house for 3 weeks and the only thing she got after that was that guy Sam said "Wow, you were gone for like...2 or 3 weeks" No 'I missed you' or anything like that from ANYBODY. She was sad. But I told her that people were sad she wasn't at the skatepark today and she was happy for a while...Bliss! I love it when she's happy.
    But she got sad again due to the fact she couldn't hangout with NICK. I tried to cheer her up but she just layed there staring at her wall. She seems to do that a lot. She stares at things for long periods of time and doesn't move. She's crazy.
    Around 1030 she came to and went skating. She was sad that she could only skate for a half an hour though because the skatepark lights go out at 11. How sad.
    The rest of the night we hungout and watched Starsky and Hutch. It was funny, I guess. But someone should have died, seriously.

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