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Kaytee (tempting_kissez) wrote,
@ 2003-08-22 12:04:00
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    Current mood:content
    Current music:Lonestar-My Front Porch Lookin In

    hmm...well nuthin very xcitin has happened lately so ill jus tell ya sum of the lil things

    --)>well monday..i went to wildwood with mah gurl sike...ashley olivio..and her brother n her dad n carol n joey n danny(carols sons). me n ashley almost were twins we both wore white shirts..cept mine had a cheer syin on it and we both wore yellow shorts but mines said cheerleader n hers said cutie ...we had a lot of fun..we bought wristbands for the three piers..n rode a lot of the rides...we rode the great noreastern 2wice once in the very front n then once in the middle i think or the very back i dont remember...we went on all the lil corny rides too like the lil mazes and haunted houses ..but it was fun tho..we went on teh go carts and we also went on the great white..which is that old white rickety wooden roller coaster..i think i went on that like 3 fun..n omg we had so many things that happend that nite ther gonna b memories forever..haha..ther was this girl n she was wearin a skirt n she kep itchin her crotch n me n ash were jus gaggin omg it was so nasty..i told ashley she prolli had crabs... n then we look at her again n she did it again n then sniffed her hand it was like one of the most disgusting things ive ever saw...n then me n ashley were gettin on one of the rides..i think it was the musik machine or sumthin like that...n these 2 black boys were in line bhind us..n wen we were gettin on all the sudden me n ash hear "booty booty booty booty" it was funni we both turned around n the 2 dudes were smilin i was like omg ashley walk faster..ol....n then yea i said in one of my earlier entrys that all the people that worked up ther had accents n they were from another country..well we go into one of these stores to look for shorts...n ther was this dude n he read my shirt n he was like ooohh a cheerleader..n then he started walkin behind me n he was like with a big butt too..i was like aahhh ashley get me out of here..i was bumpin into these racks n stuff tryin to get out of the store...lmao...n the best part of the nite is wen we met go into this las store to get shorts...and this dude that worked ther came up to us to see if he could help us...n he read my shirt n he was like o ur a cheerleader...(he has an accent let me remind u..but he was cute) i was like well i used to b but now im a coach..n he was like o im standin next to a professional...n then he started cheerin ..he was like gimme a K gimme an E gimme an N if KEN cant do it no one can..omg it was then he took us to the bak of the store to put the decal thingys on the bak of our shorts...they say SPANK ME and they have a hand print on them...(My mom said im onli allowed to wear them around neways chingy comes on the radio.."ryte thurr" n he comes out from behind the counter n starts doin the chicken dance that they do in the video n he tries gettin us to do it n hes doin the harlem shake...n omg it was so funni n then he asked how old we were n i said 15 and ashley said 13 n he asked if we were sisters n we were like no friends n then he said to ashley..u r cutie ..ur shorts r real he said if she was jus a lil older..i was like well shes takin neway...n he said aww if i was jus a lil earlier...n ashley was like yea if i onli came here like 8 months was funni..but wen he was dancin n stuff he was like see u guys aint had this much fun all nite...n we were like nope..he was rill cool after we left ther..we went was like 1 wen we got home...i had a lot of fun that nite ash..we gotta do it again!

    --)>well cheerleadin n football season is startin up again...we had tryouts not that long ago n practices started this week...monday thru i have off tonite..n then were havin monday thru thursday practices next week far were doin pretty good but lets jus say its gonna b an interesting

    well not much of nething else has really been goin on so yea.. im prolli goin with kelc n her mom to the depford mall around yea im gonna go get ready for that n try to get ahold of kelc n see if shes awake yea..ill update sumtime in the future...wen i get a chance..haha..iight luv yaz ByEz!!

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