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Kaytee (tempting_kissez) wrote,
@ 2003-07-27 07:51:00
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    Current mood:sad
    Current music:smilez and southstar--Now That You're Gone

    cant stop cryin mom came home bout a half hour ago to tell me that my mommom passed away this mornin...i found out las nite that the had taked the breathing machine of her n she was breathin on her own...n my mom told me that she would look at u n stuff wen u talked to her. She said she didnt kno if she was gonna make it thru the nite and that if she did then it wouldnt be much mom went bak up that at like 2 in the mornin las nite n my poppop went up ther at like 5 this mornin...i guess the nurse came into the waitin room n told them thay everything was slowin down so my mom and poppop wen tin ther and held her hand as she was kinda weird wen my mom first came in to tell me i didnt cry at all..but then like 5 minutes after she left it all jus really hit me and i havent stopped cryin since..i jus kno im gonna miss her SOOO much...i jus wish i coulda seen her one more time...i was gonna go up ther today and see her...but atleast she doesnt have to suffer any more...she knew she was goin to heaven and im glad she didnt go in pain...MOMMOM RAINES...i jus want u to kno that i love you with all my heart and you'll be thought about and missed everyday for the rest of our lives...

    and yea i call a truce more grudges!!

    well i gotta go get a shower and stuff and walk over my poppops house cuz i guess the whole family is goin over ther...i was supposta go bak to sleep and then go wen i got up and ready but i couldnt go bak to sleep well ttyl

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